How many medals do you think Canada will win?

I predict.....8 Gold...14 Silver...23 Bronze...for a total of:45
Summer Olympics... I doubt they will get much. We do much better at the Winter Olympics.
I doubt we'll get that much. We're never that great in the winter olympics, but we do great in the Winters
Well, admittedly in 84 (LA) Canada took 44 medals in the summer games. Showed us what you thought of the USA But since then not as well, and I believe the overall Canadian team is smaller by about 40 athletes? Maybe someone could verify that for me. I say you will do as well as Sydney (14) maybe 16 or 18.
I predict 12 medals
i say none...but just for you to not beat me up i will say 20ish
Looks like we did end the games off with 12 medals.. You were right masalla

Sort of a disgrace for our Canadian team who had a little higher hopes. We got a lot of 4th and 5th place positions. This is where I say: Let's start supporting our athletes, they are living in poverty (a lot of them).
i thought we got 14?

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