I turn on Newsworld as I always do first thing in the morning to hear a 10 minute puff-piece from Allison Smith on the Olympics. Our local paper covers Dick Pound's press conference on doping like it was the Sermon on the Mount.

In two weeks though we will be back to reality.

Personally, I'm really looking forward to watching the competitions.
I love the olympics. I love watching the competitions of my favourite athletes.. I was just about to post an article about the doping stuff going on in Athens by the Greek athletes.

Yay to sports! Boo to doping
I have a friend, an American Wrestler named Sara McMann competing in the olympics.

McMann has competed in three straight World Championships, with ninth place in 2001 her highest placement. McMann has captured three straight U.S. Nationals titles and three straight World Team Trials titles.

She has won international tournaments in France, Sweden, Canada and the United States. McMann completed her college career competing on the men’s wrestling team at Lock Haven Univ. She also attended UM-Morris. She is originally from McDowell High School in North Carolina.


I know most everyone here is rooting for Canada, but this is one tough young lady, so if you don't have a favorite in Women's Wrestling help me cheer her on
I heard the British swim team were issued see through bathsuits and they have had to create modesty panels for them. One would think things like this would have been checked out prior to the games, like maybe the selection process. Somebody oopsed. But I hear support for the team has increased quite a bit (teehee).

I hope all goes well for the athletes. I'm not really big on the Olympics as there have been too many scandals, dopings, and the IOC is a joke. Not to mention that certain sports are allowed paid pros in which I disagree with.

But I do hope everyone will be safe.
Reverend Blair
Are you sure those swimsuits were a mistake?
Yay @ The Olympics !!!
yea im tired of my moms bitching about how her shows are going to be pushed back 2 weeks for the olympics....they should make it like a specialty channel or something or on a higher channel...so if u dont to watch it...everything would stay the same!

I couldn't agree more, it does need a special channel because there is so much to show. And to think I'll have it on every bloody station in Canada and the US for the 2010 games. Better start taping now.
Well, there must be something we can do for the 2010 Olympics to earn a little extra cash out here. After all, I am sure we will not be able to afford our housing by that point, or in the years following for sure.
also they should get rid of the parts in the olympics that have judges...there totaly rigged...

House pricing over here is already expensive. Not that I'm complaining as I just sold mine for a tidy little sum.

We could rent out our homes for extra cash.

Let's just hope that the swimsuits were a mistake, personally I'd be madder than heck, after embarassment subsided that is.

This one day at the hotsprings some lady was sitting up top from the hot tub and her suit was completely sheer and left zero to the imagination. She was so embarassed, but the next day she had a beautiful brand new suit on.
We took the kids on a 'hot spring tour' one year......and at the hotsprings in Nakusp (I think) I had lost my bathing suit. No problem, said the woman at the counter, you can buy a 'paper' suit to wear. I thought she was joking but she was dead serious. I didn't buy a paper one, although I must admit I was curious to see how it would stand up the child handling of five horrible kids. Needless to say, I purchased one at the counter.

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