British PM Johnson denies groping female journalist

British PM Johnson denies groping female journalist
September 30, 2019
September 30, 2019 8:22 AM EDT
Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaves the hotel on the second day of the Conservative Party annual conference in Manchester, Britain, Sept. 30, 2019.Phil Noble / REUTERS
MANCHESTER — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson denied on Monday that he had inappropriately touched a female journalist 20 years ago, and said the public were more interested in hearing about his plans for public services.
As Johnson prepares to lead the United Kingdom out of the European Union on Oct. 31, his past relations with several women have come under scrutiny. The allegations overshadowed the Conservative Party’s annual conference which opened on Sunday.
Charlotte Edwardes, a columnist, wrote in The Sunday Times that Johnson had groped her at a lunch in 1999 when he was editor of The Spectator magazine.
“Under the table, I feel Johnson’s hand on my thigh. He gives it a squeeze,” Edwardes wrote. “His hand is high up my leg and he has enough inner flesh beneath his fingers to make me sit suddenly upright.”
Edwardes said that after the meal, she confided in another woman who had sat on the other side of Johnson. The other woman said Johnson had also groped her, Edwardes said.
Asked in a television interview if he had inappropriately touched her thigh as she reported, Johnson said: “No.”
When subsequently asked if she had made up the account, he replied: “I’m just saying what I said, and I think what the public want to hear is what we are doing for them and the country and for investment in ways of uniting the country.”
Asked if the allegations were overshadowing the conference, he said “Not at all. I think what the public want to hear is what we’re doing to bring the country together and get on with improving their lives.”
After a denial by a Downing Street spokesman, Edwardes said on Twitter: “If the prime minister doesn’t recollect the incident then clearly I have a better memory than he does.”
London’s Labour-run local government said on Friday it had referred Johnson to Britain’s police watchdog for potential investigation over allegations of misconduct involving a U.S. businesswoman while he was mayor of London.
The referral follows allegations, first reported by The Sunday Times, that when Johnson was mayor, he failed to declare close personal links to tech entrepreneur Jennifer Arcuri, who received thousands of pounds in public business funding and places on official trade trips.
Asked about the London referral, Johnson’s spokesman said: “The prime minister as mayor of London did a huge amount of work when selling our capital city around the world, beating the drum for London and the U.K.”
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The brits are fine with pedoes in the royal family (prince andrew), pedoes on TV ( SIR Jimmy Seville) and giving rhodes scholarships to sex fiends and pedoes in the whitehouse ( Billy "The plane boss, the plane!" clinton).

I don't think this Kavanaughty / british intelligence/ piss doc style attack is going to phizz up much.
Isn't it funny how this has only just come out now against the only person standing in the way of the anti-democratic Remainers overturning Brexit? Funny how this woman didn't come forward in 1999 or 2003 or 2010. What makes her come out with these allegations now, just weeks before Brexit?

I'd excuse anybody for thinking this is a Remainer smear campaign against our Brexiteer PM.
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Did he grab her by the pussy? That's ok now
Quote: Originally Posted by Cannuck View Post

Did he grab her by the pussy? That's ok now

Most Britons don't care what he did when he was editor of The Spectator back when the Spice Girls were ruling the world and Roy Keane was roughing up opposition midfielders.

Most of us want him to deliver Brexit.
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Yes. I know. Brits care little about sexual predators
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Yes. I know. Brits care little about sexual predators

Touching someone's knee doesn't make you a sexual predator.

What makes you a sexual predator is running a country without the permission of the liberals.
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Somebody sounds bitter
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Somebody sounds bitter

I'm not bitter. Why should I be?
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I'm not bitter.

Sure you are. I doubt you’re fooling anybody
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Sure you are.

Me too.
BLIZZARD: Johnson's alleged boozy lunch grope a Brexit distraction
Christina Blizzard
October 6, 2019
October 6, 2019 8:28 PM EDT
LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 03: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaves 10 Downing Street on Oct. 3, 2019 in London, England.
LONDON – It seems odd at this critical time in U.K. history that one of the most vigorous debates seems to be about what Prime Minister Boris Johnson did — or didn’t– do during a boozy lunch 20 years ago.
With the rest of Europe and most U.K. citizens transfixed by how the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union) will affect them, the talk shows seem fixated on whether BoJo put his hand on a female diner’s thigh after a long lunch. This has only come to light now, even though two decades have passed since the alleged incident.
With the Oct. 31 deadline for a deal with the EU fast approaching, most Britons are feverishly trying to figure out how it will impact them. The government has taken out ads on TV and in newspapers warning folk to prepare.
After decades of relatively free access across European borders, U.K. citizens are being warned to make sure their passports are in order, that their drivers licences are valid in the country they plan to visit and that they will have health insurance in the EU.
It’s left some people baffled as to how the country got to the dilemma in the first place.
“It came out of the ether,” says Jen Murphy, from Liverpool.
“We were sold this thing because it was going to make everything right,” she said.
While she didn’t vote in favour of leaving the EU, she believes most voters didn’t have enough information to make an informed decision.
She says it will hurt younger people, many of whom were, “sold something they have no idea about.
“The younger generation are part of a bigger world now,” she added.
She believes many older people who supported Brexit feared Britain’s generous health and social welfare systems were being overused by immigrants from the EU.
Earlier this week, former Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper was part of a panel commenting on Brexit at the British Conservative Party’s conference in Manchester. He was refreshingly candid in calling out some of the hypocrisies that have helped enmess the nation in this constitutional nightmare.
Acknowledging that he had two controversial prorogations during his time as prime minister, Harper dismissed the notion that Johnson had overstepped his powers in proroguing the Westminster parliament recently. Members of Parliament were forced to return to the House of Commons after a court ruled it was not lawful.
In a panel discussion, Harper said it is “unquestionably” the prerogative of a prime minister to advise the Queen to prorogue.
“It is unquestionably the prerogative of the Queen to grant it.”
It’s not up to unelected judges to tell Parliament how to govern.
He urged Johnson to appeal the ruling, saying under the British parliamentary tradition, it is the role of judges to “adjudicate the law, not to invent it.”
BoJo is now caught in a parliamentary Catch 22.
He’d like to call a general election — the traditional way in the British parliamentary system to break deadlocks such as this. But Parliament will not give Johnson the two-thirds majority he needs to call one. And Parliament has also voted for a law requiring Johnson to seek yet another extension to negotiations if they don’t reach a deal by the October deadline.
So, ludicrously, Parliament won’t support the prime minister a major policy of national concern, but they won’t allow him to call an election.
“The notion that you can pass legislation to put in law what the prime minister’s opinion ought to be, but not replace him, is inherently dysfunctional,” Harper said.
British PM Johnson denies groping female journalist
Boris Johnson makes final Brexit offer
BLIZZARD: Bumpy week ahead for Britain's Boris Johnson
He noted that a free trade deal with the EU should not be that difficult to negotiate, since there’s one in place already. But those opposing Johnson insist on giving the EU a veto, a head scratcher of a condition that’s left Johnson calling the new law the “Surrender Act.”
All the signals from the EU indicate they aren’t willing to accept Johnson’s latest offer, which included an all-important, if somewhat complicated solution to the question of how to avoid a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to the south.
These are landmark issues facing the U.K. No one can really predict how they affect the economy. Which is, perhaps, why they are so consumed by one overriding matter: A hand on a thigh 20 years ago. Maybe.
Small fry, Jimmy Seville and the Queen is when it gets juicy , . . . probably not the best term to use considering what was going on that had him say, 'There is something very wrong with that whole family.'

Now would be a good time for the Falklands to attack them through their soft underbelly. (or just quietly leave and become a 'Sanctuary Island' for ISIS members with a British accent, . . . . . natural one)