Swedish could format one Right Wing

Swedish Democrats would easily blow of disaster by re-election 2019 in Sweden also NMR would splitt finally Sweden have once Facsism / Nazism by these Alternative For Sweden that could remain the only Right-Wing of politicians of Sweden.
Use a better translator, buddy.
If Sweden will run again its re-election about two weekends perhaps it did wanted 200.000 citizen on Swedish Democrats because my willings are themselfs to not existed after re-election after themselfs missing voter after the record election in 2018 of over 1 million voter but now my willings are only 200.000 voter Swedish Democrats are horrible more Alternative For Sweden I prefer !!!!
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Use a better translator, buddy.

Did faith !!??
اذهب تبا نفسك
Swedish Democrats could wins of Conservative government already or they losing voter of the re-election if 2 weeks then they will splitt then Sweden only have AFS by Right-Wing portion in entire Sweden at least 100.000 new fans of AFS when Swedish Democrats splits as biggest Swedish Right-Wing !!!!