nancy drew/hardy boys

did anyone watch these shows? based on the 2 clips i just watched, i'm guessing no.

Nancy Drew Intro 1995 TV Show - YouTube

1995 Hardy Boys Theme - YouTube
I read Hardy Boys as a kid and did watch some of them on TV. I don't recall them lasting more than 1 or 2 seasons.
I think I read all the books. Watched the 70's version of the show.

Shaun Cassidy Da Doo Ron Ron Ron - YouTube
I read numerous Hardy Boys books when I was a kid(not sure if they are still in my parent's basement or not), and I have the first two seasons of the Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries on DVD. I'm still waiting for Season 3 so my collection will be complete. It took a little bit of getting used to the different actress playing Nancy Drew from Season 2 on.
The Old Medic
The very first book I actually read on my own was one of my sisters Nancy Drew books. I have never forgotten it, "The Mystery of the Old Clock". From that point onward, I was almost always reading something.

Many, many thousands of children and young teens, around the world, got the reading "bug" from those old books, especially from the 1920's through the early 1960's.

Keep in mind that the "Author" of those books actually were a number of different people, including both men and women for BOTH series. The majority of the Nancy Drew series was written by one woman, however her name was never allowed to be publicly acknowledged until many years after the books had come out.

The TV shows were a pathetic attempt to bring those stories "up to date". They were poorly made, badly acted and they did not last.

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