Our whole universe was in a hot dense state...

...and all that jazz. Likely some of you have seen this graphic and the related images with maybe some text. If not, have a gander at the large imageshack then the rest.


Now, unfortunately, this gif comes with the makers' own flavour of um, music...but deal with it is my advice.

YTMND - *~A Tiny Glimpse~* (The Original)

Or this simpler one:

All of the stars in the size of our world,
and all the stars u can see in the sky are only in our own galaxy...
What lies beyond our galaxy?

On sept 3 2003, the Hubble Space Telescope began pointing its camera at a small area in the night sky.
The area about a tenth the size of the full moon appeared to be complete blackness with no stars visible to the naked eye

Hubble kept its camera pointed there for over 4 months taking in all the light it could. This is what hubble saw ...
Each dot in this image is an entire galaxy
Each galaxy contains up to 1 trillion stars
Each stars may have a system of planets
There are over 10.000 galaxies in this photo alone ....

These are the most distant objects ever photographed. More than 13 billion light years away.
The large galaxy pictured here contains 8 times as many stars as our Milky Way Galaxy. It is so large, it technically shouldn't exist according to current physics theories.
Since light takes 13 billion years to reach Earth from these galaxies, the image we see actually depicts a time when the Universe was only 800 million years old. [Big Bang Theory]

The entire startrek series takes place in one galaxy. The USS Enterprise (NCC 1701D)at maximum warp [9.6], would take almost 10 million years to reach this Galaxy.

HubbleSite - NewsCenter - Spitzer and Hubble Team Up to Find "Big Baby" Galaxies in the Newborn Universe (09/27/2005) - The Full Story

Hubble Ultra-Deep Field - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Big Bang Theory Theme Song Full - YouTube

So I guess all our whinin', moanin', bitchin' and complainin' comes from a wee microterraminigoogleplexianinsignificantpopcornfar tbabypixel on the Ultra-Deep Field image.
Ron in Regina
So much space out in space, so little time to colonise.

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