The English, not the Celts, are the true ocupants of Britain

Most people say that the Celts - the ancestors of the Welsh and Scots - were the first occupants of this island. Then, several Germanic peoples from modern day Germany and Denmark came over and drove all the Celts to the northern and western extremes of the island - they later became Scotland and Wales, and the rest of the island that was occupied by the Germanic people became England.

But, in fact, it was the Germanic people that arrived here BEFORE the Celtic people and the Celtic people who are the "occupiers." Here's a letter sent in to today's Daily Mail. This letter was in reply to a Welshman who wrote in saying that the English are not the natives of the island -

"It's wrong to assert that the Welsh are the "true Britons." They weren't the first occupants of the island we now call Britain. A group of Germanic tribesmen known as the "Beaker People" were living here 2000 years before the first Celts or "Britons" arrived.

The Beaker People were followed by other Germanic tribesmen, also from the Rhine Valley, whom we call the "Battle-Axe People" because of their distinctive weapons. It was one of these two groups who built Stonehenge, which was completed a good 1000 years before the first Celts arrived.

The Celts seem to have come in two waves, one in about 1000 BC and the second in about 850BC.

After killing the Germanic tribes, they took control of everything south of the Clyde and the Firth of Forth. The Picts and the Scots later occupied the territory north of these waterways, before the Picts settled in the Cheviot Hills.

Later came the Romans, who ruled everywhere south of Hadrian's Wall. Early in the 5th Century AD, the Romans left, leaving the Britons to be attacked by Picts and Scots, and prompting the British King Vortigern to pay Saxons from the Continent to defend his land. After the Celts failed to pay them, the Saxons began making terms with the Picts and Scots.

More Germanic tribes from the Continent arrived, until the Britons left for North-West France or were pushed into Cornwall or Wales. The Vikings came later, before their cousins the Normans invaded in 1066."

W.D. Slater, Sheffield.

So the Germanic people, ancestors of the English, pushed the Celts into what is now Wales and Scotland AFTER the Celts invaded this Germanic land and killed everyone in sight. So the English are the natives to the island whereas the Celts are the invaders - but the Celts (the Scots and Welsh) like to think otherwise.
So you don't complain when the Vikings came and started killing all you Saxons left right and center do you because they are of Germanic heritage as well.
And to the fact. The Germanic people had to come from somewhere to get to England. Its an island. So if they were before the Celts a big if, but possible, if they were before, they had to arrive and they are still immigrants they are not the first people necessarily because they could have killed the people before them and destroyed all the evidence.
And before them were people from the region we know today as 'the Middle East', maybe

In "The Seven Ages of Britain" historian Bethany Hughes stated that any modern caucasian DNA in Britain is between 20-40% Arabic!
Wow when Blackleaf is pissing on the French it's the Celts. Whatever I'm glade most people don't think like Blackleaf. It's some sad that a few still do.

The Fact is that most of Europe around the start of Rome, and as far as people can tell before Rome, was occupied by the Celts, does this mean the Celtic people have the rights to most of Europe including Germany... No... So well I guess since there may have been a German or proto German tribe in the UK thoudands abone thousands upon thousands of years ago does that make the current decentants of the Norman-Anglo-Saxons the rightful people to the land. I don't think so. But I do not and never thought that the Anglo-Saxons in the UK now don't have the right to there land. In fact the celts have not inhabbited that land for thousands of years.

The Attempt to revise history is somewhat, confusing at best, somehow saying there was a germanic tribe 10 thousand or so years ago on the UK is somewhat foggy and best and irrelevant. The fact is the celts dominated all of the UK for thousands of years and was pushed back largely by the Saxon invasions and also romanized partly by the Romans before hand in the area's invaded.
Germanic/Celtic, whatever, but historians now believe that before them;-
Quote: Originally Posted by ironaxe

And before them were people from the region we know today as 'the Middle East', maybe

In "The Seven Ages of Britain" historian Bethany Hughes stated that any modern caucasian DNA in Britain is between 20-40% Arabic!

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