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I've read about this over the years that either this posistion would be abolished or nerfed with a name change. I was wondering with such a historic title with so many famous people holding this posistion why they would also change the name. I understand with changing times rolls and posistions may change. But for tradition sack wouldn't it be easyier just to change the duties and keep the name?

I'm generally guessing it is the left and centre left and perhaps right ring libertarians and republicans wanting this change, and if I am wrong please correct me. I feel as if this title and posistion should be kept with a nerfing if it must be of the duties.
Anyhow one of the more famous Lord Chancellors was Sir Thomas More. To which you can read a little about and find more sources in the link below
now why would tony want a lord chancellor who "technically" has more power than him?
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now why would tony want a lord chancellor who "technically" has more power than him?

Well they could do what Canada did, nerf the hell out of the posistion.
I don't know when I read up more on it being completely changed with it's name and all it reminds me of how the French and the Italin states had removed titles and posistions which were around for hundreds and sometimes thousands of years. Yes times change but tradition is nice to have. If you have to change the duties, but don't remove the posistion. =-(
I don't think we should get rid of the title of Lord Chancellor, although I do wish we would have a different Lord Chancellor in place of the current one. And, like you said, just change a few of his roles.

The current one is Lord Falconer. I think he's too politically correct and we need someone else. In the past, he has tried to ban the word "homosexual" in case it "may be considered offensive".

He was also in charge of the doomed Millennium Dome project.
Is there a position that could be compared to the Lord Chancellor in Canada ? The Lord Chancellor is sort of like the "Speaker" of the House of Lords , correct?
nope, originally, the lord chancellor was kind of the Prime Minister's boss, I dont think he or she was ever the speaker of the house
I'm wrong, your right, sorry, currently the lord chancellor is the speaker
Isn't the Lord Ch kind of the head of the house of Lords which would be the head of our Senate, more or less... I'm not sure if there is a Canadian translation to this posistion.

I still think it is silly getting rid of such a historic posistion. Yes change the roll, change the powers but there is a lot of history being lost here. I remember reading about ancient roman posistions, which actually changed over time such as the former class name patrician, being changed over time in the Italian state to more of a rank, civic rank, into the the modern Italian state which was only offcially stopped about 50 years or so again. I don't have the exact date for you. Anyhow this has been around for almost 3000 years, some say Romusles himself made the name of the orginal class, and all of the sudden the posistion was removed because of the class perceptions of the title.

I understand titles and so on changing, I think this should have been a case were you just change was a Patrician is. Such is either making it an elected posistion, or an honoury posistion.
According to Wikipedia -

"He is a Great Officer of State, and is appointed by the Sovereign on the advice of the Prime Minister and is, by convention, always a peer, although there is no legal impediment to the appointment of a commoner. The Lord Chancellor's responsibilities are wide-ranging: they include presiding over the House of Lords; participating in the Cabinet; acting as the custodian of the Great Seal; and formerly heading the judiciary, although the Constitutional Reform Act 2005 removed this role. Concerns over these wide-ranging powers have led to Tony Blair's administration proposing the abolition of the office. The Constitutional Reform Act 2005 will transfer many of the powers to others. Since 2003, Lord Falconer of Thoroton has served as Lord Chancellor and also Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs.

A Lord Keeper of the Great Seal may be appointed instead of a Lord Chancellor. The two offices entail exactly the same duties; the only distinction is in the mode of appointment. Furthermore, the office of Lord Chancellor may be exercised by a committee of individuals known as "Lords Commissioners of the Great Seal". Since the 19th century, however, Lord Chancellors have been exclusively appointed, the other offices aforementioned having fallen into disuse."

He used to be Head of the Judiciary - the country's "Top Judge" - but that's one of the positions that have been changed.
Well as we all know "appointed by the Sovereign on the advice of the Prime Minister" pretty much means appointed by the PM because the Queen uses a rubber stamp.