Why Were Spys in Suits Casing Airliners in Washington

Why Were Spys in Suits Casing Airliners in Washington Two Days Prior to 9/11?

Steven Nolan | September 9 2004

Comment: Does this have anything to do with the Israeli spy ring operating in New York before and on the day of 9/11? This E mail is reprinted as received (spelling mistakes included). We are not presenting this as concrete proof of anything, readers can take it or leave it.

On the North Side of the Washington (Or Reagan) National Airport is a park, where you can enjoy the scenic view of the Potomac River and watch the planes land or take off and fairly close to the ground they fly right over your head. People go there to launch boats, toss a frisbee, picnic or just watch the planes. Runner and cycleists access the Mount Vernon trail here.

My significant other and myself like to go there sometimes and watch the planes, boats and just relax. One time we went, we noticed an unusual number of business suit cladded gentlemen. These men where scattered amongst the crowd, any one of them might have blended in as a business person taking a break from a nearby hotel based convention or business meeting, or perhaps on their way home from work, except they all had walkie talkies and cell phones that they where using for an almost constant communication. This grabbed out curiosity enough to wonder, but not enough to ask. I had grown up on or near air force bases, where SP's or AP's would come out to investigate kite flyers, or model rocketeers who practived their hobbies to close to the planes in flight, the concern was that a kite, model rocket or model plane would get cuaght up in the engnie system of the US Airforce planes. It crossed my mind that perhaps these guys where some civilian equivilant to that. A Wendy's burger, coke and couple smokes later, I started to reconsider my first assesment. These guys weren't searching the crowd for kids flying kites or model airplanes, they where watching the airplanes landing and taking off. They where observing, monitoring and reporting the flight paths of incoming and outgoing flights. This was odd. Perhaps a terroist threat, maybe the government was on to some Iranians with Stinger Missiles aquired during Iran/Contra?...naw, again they'd be watching the crowd, the highway traffic and the boats on the Potomac. Who knows, they aren't bugging us or chasing us away. We finished our relaxation, went home and soon forgot about the cloak and dagger like characters at the park.

Two days later, while at work, I went downstairs for a smoke. Our smoking area is just outside a cafeteria where three TV's play news, weather and stock market information nearly 24 X 7. A crowd of people where just standing around the TV's, staring into the TV's in complete awe and disbeleife. I followed their eyes to what was so captivating…I plume of smoke was billowing out of one of the World Trade Center Towers. The news of a hijacked airplane would never have the same meaning. When I got home that night, I was asked "Do you think this has something to do with those men at the airport?" The question hit me like a ton of bricks.

When we saw the well dressed James Bond wanna-bee's, The term "Highjack" had a very specific meaning. Somebody wants money, attention, or release of polical prisoners somewhere else in the world. The plane would be taken to some third world country, maybe two or three hostages would be shot as an example, then demands would be met, rescue would be made or the bad guys would be talked down, eventually the majority of the hostages would come home and be forgotten after six months to a year of appearances on Oprah, The Tonight Show and Good Morning America. Well dressed men with walkie talkies on the ground watching the planes fly could make no difference in this scenario. I had already concluded that they weren't interested in happenings on the ground or on the river, just the planes. On the evening of September 11th, when she asked me that question, a cold chill went down my spine. Somebody in our government knew that planes where going to be flown into buildings as missiles. The men at the park where going to report wich plane suddenly turned left towards the pentago, or right towards the White House or hard right towards the Capitol building.

My reasoning is obviously incomplete, there is something here I am missing. If they knew what was going to happen in the next few days, why not ground the fleet before the mssing planes started appearing at their targets? Maybe the government actually wanted them to be a success? No, then why have people watching where the planes where going? I am really clueles. I have never before or since seen men on walkine talkies at this park that I frequent, it has to be related to what happened on Sept 11th.

I have shared my suspicions and speculations about this with co-workers, family and friends, they all look like at me like I am crazy. Am I? I was not the only one at that park on September 9th, 2001. Has anybody else written in with this sign that somebody in the government knew something more than what the 9-11 Commision revealed? Well, reading some of the articles on your sight, obviously, people believe the government knew more and even in some cases where behind the attacks, but I mean specifically, has anyone else written in about the park near the Washington Reagan National Airport a couple nights before the attacks? Any chance that maybe one of those well dressed men wrote in and tried to clear their conscious? What where they really doing?

Reverend Blair
Another tiny piece in a huge puzzle. We don't have the box, so we don't know what the final picture is supposed to be of, but it's looking more and more like the powers that be have been forcing pieces together in an attempt to paint a picture other than that in the puzzle.

Oh well...I've never really trusted men in suits anyway. Here's just one more thing to back up my worst fears.
The interesting thing is that there would be thousands of 'average' Americans who witnessed various anomolies or incidents contrary to the official story but are discouraged or afraid to come forth.

At some point when the facade of the offical account begins to crack (it will), hopefully individuals will come forward in overwelming numbers and right this wrong path.
Reverend Blair
The best thing of all would be if suits and ties went out of fashion.

I'm not sure that the truth will ever come out, Vista. We're still arguing about JFK, after all. Most people don't buy the official explanation, but it has never been explained.

Same with Roswell. I don't believe in aliens visiting earth, but something damned well happened and it wasn't a weather balloon landing.

The official explanation of MLK's death doesn't make sense. There are tons of questions about Bobby Kennedy's assasination.

I don't have a lot of faith in the official story cracking open and the truth being revealed anymore.

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