Jakarta embassy blast kills eight

From Reuters, here we go again??


"Australian Prime Minister John Howard breathed defiance.

"This is not a nation that is going to be intimidated by acts of terrorism," he told reporters in Melbourne. Officials said there were no known Australian casualties.

Indonesian President Megawati Sukarnoputri pledged to track down those responsible, while her national police chief said the attack bore the hallmarks of a militant Islamic network blamed for earlier blasts in Indonesia.

[this means the eventually leading back to the CIA]

The embassy blast came days before the country's September 20 presidential election run-off and Indonesian police have warned of threats, including bomb attacks, related to the poll. It also comes a month to the day before Australia's general election."

AND two months before the U.S. election. Maybe there won't be another attack on U.S. soil, instead perhaps else where around the world would do just fine.

Cellucci predicated Canada might be a target. It would be close to the U.S. for proper effect upon U.S. citizens and get us "on side" on the War on Terror.

Cellucci says we don't take the threat seriously enough.

Bugger off Cellucci we know the jig is up.
Vista: Don't you mean get us on side for warmongering? We are already “involved” in the “War on Terrorism”. They just want us to participate in illegal wars against sovereign countries like Iran, Syria, Iraq, etc.

They have always predicted that Canada might be a target, because they want us fully in their sphere of influence, which has not totally worked. Maybe the government of Alberta is under US mind control, but say forget it to the rest of Canada.

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