Monica Lewinsky Defends Selling Story to Media

$718,800 for a BJ interview. Where are we going these days.

Aug 28, 6:18 PM (ET)

By Adam Pasick

EDINBURGH, Scotland (Reuters) - Their relationships with two of the world's most famous men brought international scandals -- but Monica Lewinsky and Rebecca Loos both used the media onslaught to boost their bank balances.

"You'd be an idiot not to get the money," said Lewinsky, the former White House intern whose affair with then-President Bill Clinton nearly drove him from office.

"Advertisers, television stations, news anchors -- everyone else is making money. Your story is a commodity," added Lewinsky, who received a reported $718,800 for an interview with Britain's Channel 4.

Loos, whose alleged affair with soccer superstar David Beckham was front-page news for weeks in Britain over the summer, got about $150,000 for appearing on Sky News, according to her agent Max Clifford.

Lewinsky, Loos and Clifford justified their media relations in a panel discussion in Edinburgh Saturday at a British TV industry conference.

"Before, the media made a lot of money from people's stories. Now, the people with the stories make the money -- I don't have a problem with that," said Clifford, an agent famous for making lucrative interview deals with tabloid newspapers and television networks.

An increase in checkbook journalism, especially on television, has spurred debates about ethics and reliability, with critics arguing such deals deceive viewers and result in bad journalism.

"I wasn't big on buy-ups," said David Yelland, former editor of Britain's top-selling tabloid The Sun. "When you pay money the relationship changes. I think the British public understands that tabloids pay, but that hasn't been generally true with television."

Such deals can restrict the tone of the interview and which subjects can be covered. Asked what conditions he requires for his clients, Clifford answered: "Everything has to be done exactly as I want it, for as much money as possible."

In recent weeks, Britain's top commercial network ITV has paid a reported 100,000 pounds to Faria Alam, who made news for having an affair with English soccer coach Sven Goran Eriksson. The interview was a ratings disappointment, although ITV's Steve Anderson said the network did break even financially.

"There's never a guarantee -- some work, some don't," he said. "We're a player in the market because everyone else is."

Lewinsky and Loos said the paid interviews were a way to secure their financial future and to set the record straight.

"I got fired, didn't know my future and wanted a safeguard," said Loos, who had worked at one of Beckham's PR firms.

"I was reading so much, I wanted the chance to talk myself. I'd rather it come from me instead of holding my head down in shame."

None of the panelists was paid to appear in Edinburgh.
Maybe we should ask ourselves why there is such a big market for what monica has to say! Why are more people interested in the shade of lipstick she wore in her interview with barbara walters than Sierra Leone. Its not monica, its the society we live in. She is only taking advantage of how shallow it is.

Although I must admit that I am truly dumb struck that someone can go before millions of people and tell them he shoved a cigar up a women's vaginas, with no shame and split hairs as to if it was sexual intercourse or not. Yes monica is a disgrace she places so little value on herself, and we all have to watch it, unfortuneately to the delight of many people.
Reverend Blair
I think she places a lot more value on herself than she is worth, actually. I don't care what she did with that cigar, or whether Diddlin' Bill smoked it or not.

It's all a distraction from the policies. The Monica Lewinski story is big because the Republicans wanted it to be...they couldn't come up with anything else on Bill Clinton. If the Democrats could do the same to Bush they would. Anything is easier than talking about ideas and issues after all.
You are right of course reverend, but gosh darn, I am from a big old farm in canada, I wear rubby shoes, I can click my heels twice and I return back to the my world people just don't talk about stuff like that, its degrading, its cheap, there are some things people do that you just don't want to know about, but unfairly or not call it what you will, it changes my preception of them.....I am gonna get it for that one...ok ok...bring it on!!
Reverend Blair
I always work under the assumption that most people have done one or two things sexually that would be considered a little odd. Maybe it's from all those years working in photo labs. I've seen things much less likely than cigars used as sex toys. At least Bill and Monica didn't take pictures of it.

Remember that it wasn't Monica and Bill that went public with the story came out of Matt Drudge's conservative web-site and then became a major story. Only after the scandal hit did Monica decide to cash in. Why not? We already knew that she'd had a cigar up her woo-hoo.
woo-hoo.! now you are really messing with really are from the coast aren't you.

I really wish people would keep what they do with objects in their sex life to themselves, somethings are just worth sharing. Tell you one thing I better not hear about people abusing fish in this manner! that would make me real mad
Reverend Blair
There is a story about a Led Zepellin groupy and a fish, Peapod. Half the band denies it and the other half say it's true. True or not, we can be pretty sure that drugs were involved.
Please don't tell me things like that. I love led zepellin, I have seen them up close and live....after all stairway to heaven could not have been written by people who abuse fingers are in ears! I am not listening to you! you are trying to destroy peapods world with your nasty big fish tales
Your lots fun rev, but the my church is gathering up the flock as I write this, I cannot be late! I miss something. Someday I hope to talk the supreme jester of them all to coming to this board. OH! you will like him alot rev. A very interesting fellow indeed! He left scotland many years ago, he did not have to pay for his plane ticket either, his govenment or who ever the cloak and dagger people are were more than willing to pay for his ticket.

A man of the most spelling binding tales! but never a brag or a know it all! a little gem actually. He was in chile during Peniche, always much better to hear from someone who was actually there than depending on the media.

The most fasinating thing about the old jester angus, is his scar from the rubber bullet he took in Vancouver when protesting the WTO meeting and summits. He makes it a point to attend all. Those rubber bullets are nasty, even nastier is shooting a 79 year old man with one! Yes I must talk him into coming here.

So it off to church for me, the church of starbucks, where most times the sermons are excellent...
Reverend Blair
I've never seen Led Zeppellin live, but they were a heck of a band. They weren't abusing the fish in the story...they were just spectating. It's one of those rock and roll legends.

By all means bring your supreme jester to the site. I've always liked the perspective of those who have been places where and when things happened.
Oh Gawd, someone stick something in that mouth of hers already.

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