Female US Troops get free Boob jobs

Here is the protest. against the boob jobs, she's a porn star that want them to stay "Real"

Reverend Blair
I must be getting old...the world is geting too surreal even for me. Of course Salvidor Dali is hunkered down in his grave giggling right now.
And they are doing this so the military doctors can increase their skills? Give me a break!

Many years ago I was on a Dependents Day Cruise with the Canadian military. I was 8 months pregnant. The ships doctor approached me and took me aside to enquire about my condition. He told me he doesn't deliver babies as none of the men ever come down with that condition, but if anything happened he would make sure I was air lifted to the closest hospital.
Here is the Mary Carey "official website".


Damn. Not much in the way of free pictures.
Is this a joke?

Because if it's not, I'm not surprised, but just disgusted!
No joke.
It's incentive for female troops, and for aspiring doctors that wish to make big money later in life as cosmetic surgeons.