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This was the first debate that Mr Trudeau bothered to show up at, so I guess it's the first official one. I didn't watch as I don't speak French (guess I am a bad Canadian).

What are your opinions, who won etc?
Stuff like this is what we talk about here, rather than just insulting each other as it seems is happening lately.
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Didnít watch , have no opinion . First night of hockey season , why waste time watching a bunch of idiots argue .
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Four party leaders churn out the 'baloney' at French-language debate

The Latest: Four federal party leaders square off in French-language debate

5 Standout Moments From The 1st French Leaders’ Debate

Only real zinger I read in the articles is Scheer to Trudeau using 2 planes one for him the other for his costumes and canoe. Trudeau's come back at least I have bought carbon offsets to reduce my environmental footprint, Scheer come back I use 1 plane and actually have a smaller footprint.

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