Afghan veterans in torch relay?

Ottawa wants Vancouver organizers to include Afghan veterans in torch relay

Ottawa is urging the Vancouver Winter Olympics organizing committee to put the Afghanistan war at the heart of the symbolically laden torch relay, saying that the first torch carriers could be veterans of the seven-year-old conflict.
I don't think that's right.

It's a global event, meant to bring the world together in peace.
lone wolf
There goes the last of the Olympic spirit....
More typical twisted Globe and Mail manure. Ottawa made several suggestions to the relay committee, including the towns they may want to run through, having bilingual runners etc. but know the committee has the final say. Nowhere did anyone tell anyone on the relay committee to use the relay as a means to support a war. The G&M is completely without honour or ethics. They champion an abortionist getting the order of Canada but skew a suggestion to have a few wounded vets run a couple hundred yards with the torch! So embarrassing that our major newspaper has to skew comments and outright lie to match its own political agenda.
thanks lineman

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