Speculative ‘supergravity’ theory wins US$3-million prize

NEWS 06 August 2019

Speculative ‘supergravity’ theory wins US$3-million prize
Three physicists honoured for theory that has been hugely influential —
but might not be a good description of reality.


The Breakthrough Prize
/ Motto: think mathematical - and they will be /
for extra dimensions, supersymmetries,
dark matter, quantum gravity , string theories,
supersymmetric string theories,
multiverse, inflationary cosmology,
for trying to discovery magnetic monopoles,
for our understanding quantum field theory,
for “the most profound and beautiful creations.”
(please read about “gravitons” and “gravitinos” )
and more hypothetical but pretty stuff . . . .
No observation !
The XXI century science still have place for the
Breakthrough (Baron Munchausen) stories, that
established on the basis of beautiful math abstraction.
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Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics
Prize awarded for . . . . . string theories , inflationary cosmology,
for advances in quantum field theory, quantum gravity,
for the observation of gravitational waves, supergravity,
for the discovery of Hawking radiation, multiverse,
for dark matter , . . . . . . etc . . .

Mathematical physics News
Breakthrough prize criticized for rewarding ‘failed ideas’
07 Aug 2019 Michael Banks

Curious Cdn
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Heavy, man.
Gravity is a myth. The Earth sucks.

There is no matter without an observer... basic quantum physics. Does wave energy have weight?
Sunday, August 11, 2019
Four Tommaso Dorigo's SUGRA blunders
Almost all the media informed about the new Special Breakthrough
Prize in Fundamental Physics (which will be given to the guys during
a TV broadcast event on November 3rd; in NASA's Hangar One,
Mountain View, CA) – a prize to three founders of supergravity –
as if it were any other prize.
/ Luboš Motl v 1:39 PM | comments (5) /
Sunday, August 11, 2019
Comment :
Lubos Motl to Jason Stanidge:
''Dear Jason, SUGRA helped to direct theoretical physics in
the right direction because it taught the physicists not to
be afraid and vigorously search for the most symmetric
(and most supersymmetric) - and therefore most constrained
and most likely, among viable alternatives - versions of
theories of various kinds, including gravitational theories.''
/ Lubos Motl /
. . . the Pedagogy prize for teaching scientists
not to be afraid to write an abstract math subject --
-- the award is ahead.
Selection Committee
Selection Committee for the Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental
Physics and the New Horizons Prize in Fundamental Physics:
Did ''Selection Committee'' give the prize to themselves ?

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