Queen Victoria, John A. Macdonald statues vandalized again in Montreal

The statue of our nation’s first prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, was vandalized yet again, just ahead of Victoria Day, a holiday celebrated in most provinces.

But this time, the vandalization didn’t stop there. A statue of Queen Victoria was also painted red.

The Montreal May Anarchists took responsibility for the vandalizations, stating that they did it for “anti-colonial” reasons.

Citing the Brigade de solidarité anticolonial Delhi-Dublin, the anarchist group said the Queen Victoria statue was an “insult to the struggles for self-determination and resistance of oppressed peoples worldwide.”

They didn’t stop there. They also called John A. Macdonald a “white supremacist,” saying that his statue should be removed from its public space and placed in a museum.

Unpersoning people is the new trend, and apparently, even being dead for 128 years won’t stop anarchists from calling you out for doing horrible things during a different era.

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