’INAPPROPRIATE': ASIMIL8 plate shouldn’t have been issued, says Manitoba insurer

’INAPPROPRIATE': ASIMIL8 plate shouldn’t have been issued, says Manitoba insurer
Canadian Press
January 4, 2019
January 4, 2019 5:03 PM EST
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WINNIPEG — Documents from a legal challenge by a “Star Trek” fan who had his personalized ASIMIL8 licence plate revoked show a Manitoba Public Insurance senior executive was shocked the plate was ever issued at a time when reconciliation with Indigenous people was coming to the forefront.
The email from vice-president Keith Ward to registrar of motor vehicles Carla Hocken on April 24, 2017, said approving the licence plate did not follow MPI procedures and required immediate action.
“We are considering serious disciplinary action for those who were involved and contributed to approving a plate that is so obviously inappropriate at a time when there was significant media coverage about the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, etc,” Ward wrote.
“This is a very serious lack of judgment for those who were involved in doing the research and/or approving the plate for issue.”
Nick Troller filed a legal challenge against MPI over its decision to revoke the personalized plate.
Troller is an avid fan of the “Star Trek” TV franchise and in 2015 got the plate which features a well-known saying by the alien race the Borg. He put the ASIMIL8 plate in a border that stated:, “We are the Borg” and “Resistance is futile.”
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In a recently filed legal brief, Troller explained that he drove around with the plate for nearly two years and no one complained. He renewed it with MPI in 2016 without issue.
An Ontario woman posted a photo of the licence plate on Facebook on April 22, 2017. Court filings show a transcript of a call she made to MPI in which she said the plate was offensive because of the history of government assimilation policies.
Court documents show that after the complaint was made, there was a flurry of emails between MPI officials trying to understand how the licence plate was approved in the first place.
Plates are denied for a variety of reasons, including if they are offensive, suggestive, discriminatory or include racial or ethnic slang. Since they are the property of the Crown, they can be recalled at any time.
The ASIMIL8 plate was considered by a five-person committee, internet searches were done on its meaning and it was issued without any concerns.
In another email, Ward said, “the process here did not work.”
Troller was contacted and told his plate was deemed inappropriate and was being recalled. Troller is arguing MPI’s decision to revoke the plate is a violation of his charter-protected right to free expression.
MPI did not comment on the filings because the case is before the courts.
The documents include a 47-page list of licence plates that were denied by MPI. They include BITE ME, VINO, MMMBEER, SKODEN, HYZNBRG, HOLYCOW, PWALKER and 50 GREY.
A man in Nova Scotia has also gone to court over a personalized licence plate. Lorne Grabher has been trying to reinstate his “GRABHER” plate since it was revoked in 2016 by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles following an anonymous complaint.
A worker puts the finishing touches on a display of Borgs, which lines the walls at Star Trek: The Experience, at the Las Vegas Hilton, Friday, Jan. 2, 1998, in Las Vegas. BITE ME, VINO, GOT RICE and 50 GREY are just some of the licence plates denied by Manitoba Public Insurance on 46-page list filed to a court in the case of an “Star Trek” fan who had to give up a personalized licence plate. LENNOX MCLENDON / THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
Some licence plates rejected by Manitoba Public Insurance
Court documents show MPI has vetoed hundreds of other personalized plates. Here are a few examples:
HYZNBRG — Deemed drug-related because of the television show “Breaking Bad”
HOLYCOW — Vetoed because MPI does not allow religious slogans
PWALKER — Believed to promote speeding because of actor Paul Walker’s role in the “Fast and Furious” franchise
50SHADZ — Rejected because the book “50 Shades of Grey” is sexual
FISHFRY — Considered offensive and has a sexual connotation
DR POOP — Rejected because of the word poop
IBEEBAC — Deemed to have a criminal connotation
EMKNAPS — Rejected because it is “spank me” backwards
GOODKID — Considered offensive and profanity
BEAVER — Deemed too sexual
MMMBEER — Vetoed because it is alcohol-related
SOBR1 — Also rejected because it is alcohol-related
SKODEN — Rejected because it promotes violence
OVRTAXD — Refused because it is considered a political message
NOTACOP — Deemed offensive to law enforcement
A fine exercise in political correction by public employees dedicated to the promulgation and preservation of group think accross the national fabric. Deviance of this seeming innocent type is in truth a precurser to rebellion and bloodshed engendered by the dangerous practice of individualistic expression, an ever present threat to our benevolent and beloved groupthink. These malcontents unsatisfied by adherance to random digits on thier tail plates must at all costs be suppressed by the harshest available correctives. Long live the matrix.
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No free speech in Manitoba.
Saying someone with an assimilate license plate is fighting against groupthink is hilarious.
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Saying someone with an assimilate license plate is fighting against groupthink is hilarious.

But govt wags telling Mr Grabher that his name is offensive isn't groupthink retardation at all. In fact, N.S is lucky Mr Grabher seems to be a nice guy. I would have sued the f*cking snot out of them for publicly insisting that my name is offensive.
Have to agree there. A man's last name is a man's last name.
One win, one loss in Manitoba licence plate fights
Canadian Press
October 24, 2019
October 24, 2019 12:21 PM EDT
Manitoba Public Insurance is not allowing Winnipeg's Nicholas Troller to have ASIMIL8 for a personalized licence plate.HANDOUT/Nick Troller/Facebook / SunMedia
WINNIPEG — An avid “Star Trek” fan has lost his bid to have his personalized ASIMIL8 licence plate returned.
Nick Troller had filed a legal challenge against Manitoba Public Insurance over its decision to revoke the plate after receiving a complaint that it was offensive to Indigenous people.
A judge this week ruled that it was reasonable for the insurer to take back the plate because the word is connected to the Indigenous experience in Manitoba.
’INAPPROPRIATE': ASIMIL8 plate shouldn’t have been issued, says Manitoba insurer
Troller got the plate, which features the well-known saying by the alien race the Borg, in 2015.
A different Manitoba man has had his “NDN (Indian) CAR” licence plate returned after an out-of-court settlement with the insurer.
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Bruce Spence, who is Cree, got the personalized plate as a reference to a popular folk-rock song by an Indigenous musician.

See? This is just more of that idiotic groupthink retardation. The plate is CLEARLY referencing Star Trek TNG, particularly when you look at the licence plate holder. F*cking virtue signaling, sub-moronic twits.

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