A security flaw, fixed.. but if you notice any weird bugs, post here

There's been a security flaw discovered in the main javascript framework which this site is built on (YUI). There have been no reports of anybody using this exploit to cause damage yet, but to be safe, I've upgraded the framework which in CC's case, was non-standard anyways and customized.

Since I had to do some quick modifications to the javascript libraries I host here, you MAY come across some weird quirks but I couldn't find any myself. So if any interactive functions aren't working, please let me know in this thread.
Thanks for not pulling a Sony and letting us know right away, Andem. I know the two situations are different in their own ways, but a potential security breach is a potential security breach. You have shown many(more than I can count) different times that you actually care about the members here. Thank you.

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