Remainer hypocrisy: From ‘Stop the Coup’ to ‘Stop the Election’

From ‘Stop the Coup’ to ‘Stop the Election’

We thought Remoaners could sink no lower. We were wrong.

6th September 2019

Stop the Coup was the Remainer rallying cry of last week. Now it’s Stop the Election. These hysterical anti-democrats have gone from calling Boris Johnson a dictator, over his cynical proroguing of parliament, to refusing his offer of a General Election. These people are a disgrace.

The Labour-led Remoaner Alliance says it will not vote for a General Election until No Deal is taken off the table via another Article 50 extension. They say they can’t trust Johnson. They argue that if they backed an election, then he would set it for after 31 October, our current EU exit date.

This is nonsense. These people aren’t scared of the PM forcing through Brexit – they’re scared of voters returning a parliament that will implement Brexit. The upshot of all this is that the PM will for now remain in place, at the behest of people who last week were likening him to Hitler.

Johnson stands humiliated, after a series of defeats, defections and bizarre public outings. His authority is falling away like so much wet newspaper, his weaknesses fully exposed. But the story of this week is not his uselessness, but elite Remainers’ shamelessness.

They are in open revolt against democracy. If you were so inclined, you could call it a coup. But let’s not go there now. Where these people are concerned, another, more fitting c-word comes to mind.

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