Astronaut's bitter divorce out of this world

Astronaut's bitter divorce out of this world
Brad Hunter
August 27, 2019
August 27, 2019 7:12 PM EDT
Summer Worden, right, has accused her estranged wife, astronaut Anne McClain, left, of trying to take their child, 6. FACEBOOK
This divorce is out of this world.
The estranged wife of NASA astronaut Anne McClain has gone public about their bitter split — including a claim the spacewoman hacked into her bank account from high above earth.
Summer Worden said the pair have been engaging in a toxic custody dispute over her six-year-old son, Briggs.
Worden called McClain’s efforts “calculated and manipulative,” adding she had hoped to keep the dispute out of the media.
But she complained to the FTC about the space hacking. None of her funds had been tampered with.
“When attacks started coming for my son, immediately I knew where my loyalty lied and it was in protecting my son, 110%. That wasn’t even a thought for me that was the direction I went,” Worden told ABC News.
Summer Worden has accused her estranged wife, astronaut Anne McClain, pictured, of trying to take their child, 6. FACEBOOK
She added: “At that point, I knew I had to come forward and tell my story because the momentum of the case was not going in the direction we were hoping it to go in accordance with the law and preserving my rights as a parent.”
Morden said her former paramour had a chilling knowledge of her finances and spending.
As McClain’s nearly six-month mission on the International Space Station neared completion, Worden feared losing her child.
Now, Worden’s parents are doubling down on defending their daughter and grandson.
“As Anne was getting ready to come home, Summer was becoming more and more frightened and let us know about that,” Worden’s mother, Beth, told ABC.
“We were thinking, ‘What on earth is going to happen?’ Surely there’s no way a third party can take our grandson. He’s our firstborn grandson.”
Worden gave birth to Briggs a year before the couple met and they raised him together.
For her part, McClain — now back on earth — admits she looked at Worden’s accounts because she’s done it their whole relationship.
The duo married in 2014 and Worden filed for divorce in 2018 after her ex accused her of assault.
The assault case was eventually dismissed.
McClain and Worden’s divorce proceedings are set to begin in Houston next month.
Curious Cdn
Poor kid. What a thing to have to deal with from orbit.
I don't believe in divorce. Even if the atmosphere changes it doesn't matter.
You don't need a divorce when you live on different worlds. In this case possession means 'ownership'. Make one that will be born in space, part of 'your world'.

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