KFC partners with Beyond Meat to test plant-based nuggets, wings

KFC partners with Beyond Meat to test plant-based nuggets, wings
August 26, 2019
August 26, 2019 11:09 AM EDT
In this photo illustration, packages of Beyond Meat "The Beyond Burger" sit on a table, June 13, 2019 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. Getty Images
Yum Brands Inc said on Monday it will be testing Beyond Meat Incís plant-based chicken nuggets and boneless wings at an Atlanta KFC restaurant, the latest fast-food chain trying new options to attract vegan diners.
The quick-service restaurant will roll out its vegan menu items nationally based on the customer feedback from the Atlanta test, Yum said.
Yum is the latest big-chain restaurant jumping on the vegan bandwagon, a growing market as more fast-food chains tweak their menus to add new options for vegans and Ďflexitariansí.
Plant-based meat alternatives have seen booming interest from consumers and restaurants, supporting startups like Beyond Meat and its competitor Impossible Foods, and even sparking interest from veteran meat companies such as Tyson Foods Inc and Perdue Foods.
Beyond Meat has already partnered with sandwich chain Subway, Del Taco Restaurant Inc, Carlís Jr, Dunkiní Brands Group Inc and Restaurant Brand Internationalís Tim Hortons.
Subway to test Beyond Meat meatball
Beyond Meat shares crumble on stock offering surprise
KFC, known for its fried chicken, will be serving the six or 12-piece combo plant-based nugget meals for $6.49 and $8.49 and boneless wings for $6 and $12.
Beyond Meatís shares rose about 4% before the bell.
The stock has risen more than three-fold since it went public in May.

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Yummy gluten burgers. Mmmmm gluten.
Mmmmm highly processed high sodium fake meat. Mmmmmmmm. If I wanted to eat Something Posing As Meat I'd open a can of SPAM.
Not exactly posing, there is some meat in spam. it's basically meat and potatoes in a can...

with gun powder.

I love the stuff when I'm camping or canoe tripping...Zoom Zoom

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