NOT A HOAX: Spam's new limited edition pumpkin spice pork joins fall's bandwagon

NOT A HOAX: Spam's new limited edition pumpkin spice pork joins fall's bandwagon
Fatima Texiwala
August 19, 2019
August 19, 2019 1:14 PM EDT
Spam jumps on the fall bandwagon with its new limited edition release of pumpkin spice canned pork. Getty Images
If you didn’t already think the whole pumpkin spice craze was getting out of hand – guess again.
Spam is releasing its own “delicious” limited edition fall flavour pumpkin spice canned pork.
The original canned luncheon meat only contains six ingredients and was first made popular during the Second World War.
Since then, Spam has released many different flavours including limited-edition offerings like Stinky French Garlic and Golden Honey Grail.
The two-pack pumpkin spice cans will be available on their website and hitting Walmart shelves on Sept. 23.
The canned meat company first joked about a pumpkin spice-flavoured Spam two years ago in a social media post.
At the time people seemed fairly optimistic despite Spam’s obvious fake pumpkin spice can.
But now a lot of people are disgusted by Spam’s strange combination saying it might ruin the taste of pumpkin spice forever.
“No way. How can I ever drink a Pumpkin Spice Latte the same after trying Pumpkin Spice Spam?” one person reacted on twitter.
“It’s only the middle of August and Pumpkin Spice Spam already ruined my entire holiday season,” another disgusted person tweeted.
“What could be worse than 1 can of Pumpkin spice Spam?? A 2 pack!!” another jokingly tweeted.
The fall-favourited spice combo includes cinnamon, clove, allspice and nutmeg and contains no pumpkin just like popular fall Starbucks lattes.
It might sound strange to mix pumpkin spice with cooked ham but according to reports, the taste is surprisingly good.
Early sample taste-testers from The Daily Meal claimed the new seasoned Spam would work best along side breakfast items such as eggs, sandwiches and waffles.
“It wasn’t as bad as I expected!” said one. “It definitely seems like it would work best when paired with other elements, like in a scramble or breakfast sandwich, though.”
Would you dare try it?
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... a new way of disguising road kill...
AH yes...and then there are you "you should just eat it of your own bumper" rah rah military types...

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