God's way of dealing

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That is my version of the Bible. You have your version so why does your version outweigh mine when I can supply a lot more quotes from the book to support my version than you can. Big blow to your ego when that happens??

Your the one with the ego dude/ette. You have no idea who, when, where, why your book was put together the way it is but you know it is the truth and nothing but the truth so help you god and everybody else is wrong. I studied world religions and spiritual paths for over 50 years. All you've done is study one book and you think you know everything there is to know. What I've learned would fill a library and what I learned is that there are more questions that need answering.
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Sagan had his body sent into space so he could be with the "angels" of science.

Sagan was an idiot TV personqality his contribution to science
was a commercial success for a bit. Space didn,t feel the thing.
God is a douche bag.

Just like you night light

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