Upcoming Galaxy Note 9 - worst Samsung design so far?

Someone leaked photos of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9. What do you guys think? Have Samsung failed again?
Well, if you have used Samsung's older version smartphones then surely you would feel finally, they are coming into the track. Hope they could bring the best designs to the market. I have seen the wrost so for me it is far better than the previous versions.
I think it depends on people's favorite. Lots of people love the new design of Samsung S9, while others dont. Now, they have SS 10, which looks good. For me, i love Samsung in general because with this brand i can download apk files from top1apk.com. I also like its design. The only thing i dont like is the color of pictures. But, it doesnt effact me mucch.
Ocean Breeze

Samsung delays the launch of its $2,000 Galaxy Fold after reports of product defects

The company said Monday it wouldn��t being selling the folding phone on Friday, as planned. It said it will make modifications to its screen design and announce a new release date ��in the coming weeks.��

It's not too bad for me. Not my favorite design out of all the high end mobile phones as it seems too square, would love softer edges. Performance-wise, have not tested it, but my colleague is all praises save for the battery.
Curious Cdn
My Samsung phone is relatively primitive when compared to an Apple but it is robust.I can drive nails with it but if you look at an Apple in anger, it breaks. I am sick to fecking death of replacing my children's (expensive!) Broken Apples. They make them flimsy on purpose.

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