Canadian Culture Rocked at it's Foundation-Unbelievable Occurence

bill barilko
A first in this country-drunk curlers kicked out of game if it happens more often there'll be riots I'm sure
'Drunk' Canadian curlers kicked out of tournament final

An Olympic gold medallist's curling team has been kicked out of the Red Deer Curling Classic tournament for poor behaviour and drunkenness.
Ryan Fry, who won gold for Canada at the 2014 Winter Olympics, and team mates Jamie Koe, Chris Schille, and DJ Kidby forfeited their final game after fans and opponents complained.
The group reportedly broke brooms and damaged locker rooms.
Mr Fry later apologised for his behaviour.
He was part of the Canadian curling team that bested Great Britain's curlers in the Sochi 2014 final.
"They went out to curl and they were extremely drunk and breaking brooms and swearing," Red Deer Curling Centre facility manager Wade Thurber told Canadian broadcaster CBC.
Mr Thurber also said there was "some damage in the locker room", and as a result they were disqualified.
Make them walk home or put them on the other side of the glass with the rest of the drunks.
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Whoa. Curling violence.
It came from Scotland, you are supposed to be drunk as shit. Wait till they get to the rinks built on a slope, that separated the drunks from the 'sippers'.
I've never heard of a curler drinking beer. Can you imagine?
The RCMP can probably tell you how popular it is.

At least there you can take you eye off 'the ball' and not have it hit you in the head like at a baseball/basketball game.
You mean wear one so getting hit doesn't hurt? Female or as big of a rack as can be bound?? Protection for the rest of the ones sitting real close. Hits by a moving horns hurt less if contact is made before it builds up too much speed.
Or drink enough of that brand of beer and you won't notice the contact at all without even a hat on. That method is the least favored by the people in close proximity.
Laughingstocks of the Curling World.

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