Six-kilometre-wide iceberg breaks off from Greenland glacier

It,s exciting to be involved in an extinction event. I had thought to avoid it by running out my own clock but I,m slow as usual. I,m not inclined to enjoy winter activities of any sort including not pestulence, starvation nor war. We must have some anyway.
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Actually it does. I think I remember 600 billions tons, extra tons, acumulation of snow for this past year alone and it has not stopped because of summer.

Ice anomalies on Greenland as eight billion tons snaps off the end of calving Helheim Glacier, but at the same time Greenland gains 600 billion tons of ice since Sept 2017 and five feet of snow is forecast for Greenland over the next week. Incredible 15+ foot thick ice west of Baffin Island, Arctic temperatures below the 30 year average and June global temperatures are below 2017 June temperatures.

Greenland Ice Budget and Ice Coverage

Shut up with facts, feelings are what matters.
I meant no offence. We are in for a decade of heavy snow shovling and then a short bit of starvation which will put us in the safe zone (dead) and out of the warfare bit at the end. My pension won,t cover the ammuntion in any case.
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But that's what uneducated, advocacy science pushers believe.

You forgot genetically muddied.
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White nationalist climate change deniers do not believe in climate change.

It is their job to say so many times every day

Doing or saying the exact same thing over and over again, expecting a different result, is the definition of insanity.

And repeating the same thing over and over again does not magically make you right.

You must be a fan of Trump.

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Rivers of liquid water under the icefields are speeding the glaciers to the sea.

Liquid water huh? What other kind of water is there? If its not liquid then it's solid. Solid water is called ice.

Calling it Rivers of Liquid Water is just an attempt to try and sound more technical, when in reality, you're just talking about plain old fashion water.
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A sure sign the Northern Hemisphere is in a cyclical cooling phase. This type of 'calving' is caused when the mass of a glacier grows beyond its ability to maintain its structural integrity. More proof that AGW is a hoax.

Correct. Glaciers aren't formed by melting ice, as the Warmists try to have us believe. Glaciers are formed by gravity.

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Rivers of liquid water under the icefields are speeding the glaciers to the sea.

I'm assuming that those primeval rivers are quite old.
Bar Sinister
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I don't understand what the manoeuvrability of my oral commissures has to do with a story about an iceberg which is just an iceberg which has nothing to do with global warming, which doesn't exist.

Now you are the sort that Jin was talking about. Here is a quote from his post, I believe it applies to you. It is Post #7 in this thread.

Quit being such a retard, if you're able to. Nobody here is denying climate change is real. Unfortunately for you, you're dumb enough to believe that climate change can only happen if humans cause it. But that's what uneducated, advocacy science pushers believe.

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