One Hamilton-area woman, whose identity Citynews agreed to keep anonymous, says she was scammed out of $10,000 when a caller pressured her to deposit money into a bitcoin machine or her husband’s life would be in danger. The woman says that while she knew about previous scams that existed, she was thrown off since the call came from her husband’s cellphone number.

“They called me from his phone and that’s where I fell for it,” she told Citynews. “Obviously, I’m totally shattered at that point because they said they’re interrogating him. I’m giving money willingly to save my family member just like any other person would do for their family.”

Police in Hamilton are already investigating similar fraud claims involving bitcoin machines and warn people to be vigilant. Still, they say many fall for the scam, something others may not understand.

New phone scam mimics family members' identities - 680 NEWS