Sask's Hydro Rates Climbing Fast

Saskatchewan increase hydro rates 13% in a year, 27% increase in last 5 years with another 25% in next few years coming

Following two increases in the past 13 months, SaskPower is requesting another rate hike.

This one would be a 5.1-per-cent increase effective March 1 of next year.

The Crown Corporation cites challenges of growing electricity demand, environmental commitments and an aging electrical system as reasons for the increase.

“The impact on homeowners, on people on fixed incomes, on low-income, certainly we appreciate the impact it has,” said SaskPower president and CEO Mike Marsh.

He said the company is working to keep increases “as low and as regular as we can without causing undue hardship.”


SaskPower is requesting a five-per-cent rate increase | Regina Leader-Post
I don't like to say this, but I hope people in Sask look at Ontario. Our bills kept going up and up. People are happy now that Wynne reversed some of the increases, but we are still paying more than anyone else. The Liberals screwed us over badly. Sask could be heading down the same road.

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