Questions about Photoshop?

I figured I'd finally get the ball rolling here and see if anybody's stuck on something in Photoshop.

Is there some sort of effect you are trying to make?
Trying to understand the Layers?
Want to fix up the color of your photo or project?

Basically anything you may have a question on in regards to Photoshop, feel free to direct it this way. If I don't know how to do it, chances are I'll figure it out soon enough. If not, I am sure there might be one or two people here who might know what to do.
What the hell are "slices"??
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What the hell are "slices"??

I know that you can "slice" up images via the slice tool in photoshop to export as html menu's etc.
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What the hell are "slices"??

Oh great, of course.... Photoshop was working just fine for me all day, but when I go into it to better explain the tool.... a library in PS has an error and can not continue.... now it's asking me to reinstall it.


Well until then, I do believe it is used as D said, which can help breakup an image so that it can then be placed within tables in a web page for various web effects, so that when it is placed on the web, there are no seams or obvious divides in the image.

Although I do not know 100%, since I use a different method for doing this, which is a custom action I created that I know exactly what it does, how and if something goes wrong, I can edit it in the Action.

This might be a better explination on what the slice tool does for you until I reinstall this bugger.....


The Slice tool allows you to divide an image into smaller sections which fit together like a jigsaw (but with straight edges). The slice tool is located in the top section of the Photoshop Toolbox.

There are two tools: Slice (which creates the slices) and Slice Select (which enables you to select and modify existing slices).

Sliced images are commonly used for web design work, which sometimes requires images to be broken up in this way.

So yeah, I guess I was right.
What version of Photoshop do you guys have? I'm working with CS3.
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What version of Photoshop do you guys have? I'm working with CS3.

I currently have CS on this system as CS2 locked my system up horribly for some unknown reason. CS3 has yet to be approved..... but it's not a big concern here at work, since we don't use it for most of our work.

I have used all three versions at home.... just got a new quad CPU computer yesterday, so I have to reinstall everything..... probably will be CS3.
CS6 here.
3.0 was my fav.

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