CC is now one of the fastest forums on the net

Woohoo! I've been working on ways to make these forums faster by doing many things like:
  • Cleaning up, rewriting and combining JavaScript files (the features that make using the site easy)
  • Removing the need to refresh the page everytime someone wants to see an update
  • Removing all images from the layout and combining them into an 'image sprite' for faster loading
  • Designing the entire site without < table >'s and completely with stylesheets (unlike 99% other forums)
  • Performing daily optimizations to the forum databases
  • Caching certain pages for faster loading
  • Recently replacing the YouTube auto-embedding feature with the newest version of the YouTube player which is fast
  • Restricting certain features for lurkers
  • Optimizing database lookups (almost all the content you see here is stored in a database)
  • Upgrading the server, optimizing it specifically for all of the members usage patterns
  • Buying a second server to host images and other files
  • and recently performing some more optimizations!
and here's the result:

(image: Google)

I'm very proud! This is one of the fastest vBulletin-powered sites on the web. I'm really hoping the next time stats are updated, we'll be "in the green"
I'm still on dial-up...until tomorrow. It's been a long 4 months without high speed.... And this forum does load a hell of a lot faster than others, which especially matters when using bronze age network capabilities!

Thanks Andem!
Nice work.
In Between Man
Good work! Thank you!
You're the man Andem.
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Ridin High on an Epic Wave of Information...Even Faster!....
Ridin On the Information Hyway at HighSpeed...
Light Speed in Cyber Space..!


Right On ...Thanks Andem ..

Over and Out There ( In Deeep Spaaace) ..From Here...
Not really sure what all you did means but it works. Thanks. I view computers like most people do their cars, don't care how it works as long as it does.
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And all without advertising.

Give the man the Order of Canada.
I'll join this fan base! I've got a fast connection to the Net. While I can't remember any serious problems in accessing CC I have to say that in the last few months I have noticed that this connection is always fast and dependable even with large threads full of pictures, Animated gifs and movies. I am confident that when I post something here it's going to be good to go right away. You've done a great job with this site Andem and while I don't venture too much outside of these forums, I have had a sniff around at the other sections and it all comes together very well, fast and packed with information. While I don't say it nearly enough, you've done a masterful job at making this site a pleasure to visit each day. Thanks for all you've done here.
You can tell that this site is something that you truly love, Andem, as it shows by how much work you have put into it to date to give every member a truly wonderful experience. Thank you.

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