Legalise Afghan Heroin for Medical Use

Ah ha!! A recent poll shows that Canadians support legalising the Afghan poppy crop to make heroin for medical use in Canada.

There is a shortage of morphine in Canadian hospitals, says the CBC news this morning [Sept 4 2007] .

That would explain why doctors have been abandoning the almost 100 year standards for prescribing morphine, where small increases every 6 months were given to patients who are prescribed morphine for pain, as 'tolerance' develops to the drug.

This has created terrible suffering for those patients as their medicines become less effective and they can also experience daily withdrawal pains and other symptoms. [only someone who has been prescibed morphine would really know what this is like....]

Those patients are often compelled to got to "the streets" to pay cash for morphine or heroin. Doctors are put in a difficult situation when patients demand an increase, but the "Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons" are actually fining those doctors who disobey, and in some cases taking away their "triplicate prescription rights", renedering them less effective as doctors.

80% Support Project To Use Abundant Crop For Legal Pain Drugs

Canadians back Afghan poppy cultivation for medicine: poll

Medical poppy cultivation in Afghanistan OK: poll

Canadians back Afghan poppy cultivation for medicine: poll

This week, the UN said for the first time that the illicit trade is directly linked to funding of the Taliban insurgency that threatens Canada and its military allies.

MacDonald suggested the anti-drug policies of the United States are being foisted on the government of Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

[I see those are mostly the same poll, just different news services. 'Scuse the redundancy]
This seems perfectly sensible to me...

Would you really put this on the American anti drug lobby though...Or the corporate powers that presently supply Morphine?

Or would that be one in the same, lol...?
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Maybe Bayers can purchase it and re-brand it as Aspirin- Mega-Uber-Ultra Strength.
Oh ****! What will we do with all those terminally ill people who feel good?
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Canada prefers chemistry. Percodon is made from opium. Canada's version, percocet, is synthesized. Okay, the argument against opium addiction is valid. Now ... chemical addictions and mutations?

Why is there a shortage of "medical opiates" like morphine?

One possible reason is that increased usage and demand because of HIV/AIDs cases and cancers around the world.
see: "Poppy Licensing" [2nd box]

I would suggest that the War on Drugs has had something to do with it too, although the medical opiate crops - much of it from India - could surely have increased their production in advance of this shortage. Also, lone wolf suggested that percocet is made synthetically - no poppies needed? So why not increase that production as needed?

Perhaps the people who benefit from the lucrative illegal markets in opiates wanted it this way, to increase the value of their product. A writer named Michel Chossudovsky says "more than 95 percent of the revenues generated by this lucrative contraband accrues to business syndicates, organized crime and banking and financial institutions."

see: Who Benefits from the Afghan Poppy Trade?

related article by same author -

That illegal opiate trade money ends up in mostly 'legitimate business investments', and in regular banks. Powerfull people are involved, so it could certainly have been 'arranged on purpose' to have this shortfall of morphine.

The illegal drug trade profits is just behind the oil and arms trade profits. It may even be more money than the 'legitimate' pharmaceutical profits [and thats a lot!].

What a skanky world...
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Maybe Bayers can purchase it and re-brand it as Aspirin- Mega-Uber-Ultra Strength.

LOL, take it for pain. Take it for LIFE.
Afghanistan produces a lot more opium than can be converted to legal drugs, something like 8,000 tons a year. I've also read that Afghanistan opium is too rich in tar to convert to some drugs like codeine.

Good luck managing the legal production in a country with the political, religious, economic and social problems Afghanistan has too.