Don't buy gas April 15th!!

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I got invited to a 'facebook event'. Don't buy gas April 15th!! Unite against the big bad corporations, and effect change through absolutely meaningless boycotts!!!

I bit my tongue (although applauded those who joined the corresponding event, BUY gas april, but hubby and I talking about it last night couldn't help but shake our heads. And make a few observations/ask a few questions.

Two of the people I know attending drive pickup trucks, but don't even live on farms. If you want to save money on gas and get your point across to petro companies, wouldn't making a life change speak louder than what you do or do not do for one measly day?

How many people will gas up April 14th in preparation, or April 16th when they've burned their tank, and still drive wherever they would originally, thus making ZERO difference in consumption for the companies?

If the cost of gas really burns you that much, why don't you pick up some stocks in the company whose station you use? Spend a month or two driving less and pocketing the money, and buy in! It's amazing how getting some of that money back makes you a little less bitter.
Every year I get these e-mails in one form or another....and now they are hitting facebook

Boycott gas stations to protest rising fuel prices?-Grass Roots Effort & Fiction!

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Just think of all the GST the Feds are raking in. The govt absolutely loves this and will do what it can to keep the prices high.
Join the food boycott all April to fight against the big bad food corporations.

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