Visiting Alberta/British Columbia!

Hey all. Im going to Canada for a month, 10 days on my own and then my partents and sisters will come over too. We are going to travel through AB and BC for a week/10 days, and i was wondering, what are just beautiful places (for example: Lake Louise, Waterton Lakes) or just fun places to visit (Medicine Hat Waterslides) ? Because i want to spend this vacantion as best as i can, ofcourse! By the way, my ''hometown'' this summer is Taber, located 3 hours from Calgary/1 hour from Medicine Hat. And about the Medicine Hat Waterslides, does anyone knows if its open this summer? Because it was closed last year for maintenance, my brother said.

Lots of questions eh? Well, thanks in advance!

Greetings from Holland.

Edit; sorry for my sucky posts in the past, and my sucky username, but i made it when i was like 11/12 or something. Lets say i became more mature^^
L Gilbert
Anywhere in BC is cool except for cities.
Hmm, according to this site its just open this summer. I cant find a site of itself, but whatever..we will find out when we are there! Thanks for your reply L Gilbert
L Gilbert
You're welcome.
But eh, thats 1 answer..but what about the other one('s)? I still want to know some beautiful places in AB/BC, and im sure you guys got some!
What about spending a few days in Calgary?

Lake Louise is very picturesque and Banff is of course part of the package.
Borrow a couple of mountain bikes and head to Kaninaskis country. Look for a book called Backcountry Biking. The Glaciers are pretty cool ... Jasper area.
Cool, thanks for the replies!

@Andem, I already have been to Lake Louise, but we will see. I already heard about Banff, ill check it out, thanks

@Ariadne, I looked for the Kaninakis country in Google Earth, and it seems fun! I guess you can mountain bike there very well. The glaciers also seem cool. Thanks!
If you like natural history go see the Royal Tyrrell Museum outside of Drumheller.
if you visit vancouver island, make sure you take a couple of days on the west coast, ucluelet and tofino, nowhere else like it on earth.
the island has some of the best mountain biking trails in b.c., if that is your interest.
victoria is always interesting, and very pretty, and any of the ferry rides are a
must, beautiful ride and beautiful views.
Vancouvers stanley park of course, have been there hundreds of times, always
fun, and a great walk around the sea wall, good swimming, and great sight seeing.

Have a great trip, drive safe.
Haha thanks both, but i dont like history things, and sorry talloola, but im not going to visit Vancouver Island. Thanks anyways

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