Flying Car.

When I saw the headline I was hoping they had come up with the hovering car with inexpensive super-magnets of some sort, but it wasn't.

It is an untra-light with a road worthy chassis and retractable wings. Very nice idea if you have the money and the facilities close to use it. I does not say, but I am assuming that the vehicle uses the main prop to push it on the road also - could be pretty loud pulling into the motel at 3am.

Move Over, Jetsons: Flying Car In Works! - CBS News

Also I don't think this would fall into the 'green' catagory either.
yeah, I've heard of this... rolling over traffic in no time.
This has been done before but it is good to see that people are still trying. One of the problems with a car/airplane combination is that the basic requirements of a car are different from those of an airplane. What generally happens is that you get some kind of hybrid that is not a very good car, or a very good airplane. Building a very good car would end up being too heavy to make a reasonable airplane, so compromises are made that make it a less than ideal car, or airplane. I think some kind of helicopter might be a better bet. Still, I wish this guy luck.
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Oh great...flying drunks.
all you need is a private runway!
You can buy a rotor job for about $35K CDN that doesn't really nee a runway.

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