Chertoff? Surely they jest.

One of the inner circle of the republican Jewish Hawks that really run things. The most incompetent of the Katrina boneheads. God bless America? God help them.
Chertoff has proven his admonistrative inablitities with Homeland Security so why not give him a Social promotion? That is the American way. When school children can't read or write, promote them to the next level. Correct?? If not him how about some other incompetents this administration likes to keep around. They'll all be needing work in a few months anyway. Maybe they can drag Tom Delay out of his retirement for the job. He has a proven track record of dishonesty? There is a big field of lap dogs out there and I'm sure they'll all get due consideration. What ever happens Alberto Gonzales ran out of gas and can't take any more scrutiny. I'll bet the deal was reached quietly in the Oval Office and he'll have a liftime of good memories and plenty of unreported income to sustain him too.
I find it curious that after the American administration, George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powel and assorted other morons elevated the pretext of WMDs to an "ugent necessity" requiring that America forego ignore and dismiss world opinion regarding the threat that Saddam Hussein's government and the enormous piles of weapons (stealth weapons...invisible to everyone...) posed then invaded Iraq....that this criminal government would now adopt the position that it's the failure of their surrogate government in Iraq to bring closure or "peace" to Iraq.

Not only is it very common on school playgrounds to hear..."It's not my fault....THEY made me do it...", frequently combined with the claim that a broken window or damage resulting from a misdeed is the fault and responsibility of someone else...being in the wrong place at the wrong time....

As pathetic as Canadians seem to be when it comes to keeping the reins of control in the hands of Canadian citizens..i.e. holding Canadian political morons responsible for their actions...once again it is the people of the United States who take the gold for galloping stupidity.

Not only has the Bush administration pulled one of the greatest hoaxes of all time on the world and the people of America, but now this same administration is working hard to convince Americans that the failure is in the Iraq government that these American morons enabled through this exercise in "democracy"...!

Roberto Gonzales resigns, as well he should after "I can't remember...I don't recall ...I don't understand" are the answers he made to questions brought to bear on his manipulations regarding the firing of Supreme Court judges....

Why aren't Americans calling for the impeachment of George Bush but feel OK with his slipping past the responsibility for crimes, ineffective and poor leadership, war profiteering and lying to them while the sun slowly sets on the most fabulous moron to ever have been elected by the American people to the highest office in the land?

Sure Canadian government is argument. And certainly governments in postmodern existence all over the world could serve as examples of how broken and decayed are the ideas of democracy and integrity, but the people of the United States have given these rogues a pass on the whole debacle.

Americans it would appear don't really care that their highways and bridges are falling apart so long as their government finds someone to blame for everything that's wrong in America...and anywhere else that America touches.

Americans loved to steal billions from their Canadian friends through "agreements" it's (American business) ethics are obviously guided by the unfairness of the softwood lumber deal despite the fact that the policies of Canada regarding stumpage and forest management have been known to the U.S. for decades....

Americans are pleased it would seem that wonderful lead-encased merchandise available on the shelves of America that came from China are so cheap and plentiful, emblematic of the fundamental greed and paucity of wisdom conditioned into them by their industry and manufacturing for generations. "Sure as long as its cheap and only a few people's good for business..."

Americans are satisfied with the likes of Roberto Gonzales and the cabal of exclusively self-interested hooligans who the people of America handed the control of their nation to....

Americans love to send billions to Israel (a feel-good exercise) while their government short-changes domestic policies...Katrina recovery....crumbling infrastructure.... so obviously Americans would rather see the people of Israel prosper while Americans suffer....

Canadians are pathetic when it comes to holding their political process accountable....Americans are so busy convincing themselves that they're perfect....that their political system runs roughshod over not only the Constitution but domestic issues as well....

Cue the music ...."Dueling Banjoes"....

This musical interlude is the replacement anthem being considered by George Bush and all his Jewish friends to replace the American national anthem....

Fitting isn't it..!

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