What Are You Watching Right Now?

local news - the latest from Gopherland: black cop charged for death of white female Australian in Minneapolis ~ local commentators have said this is a big surprise
BBC News
Jesus Christ Superstar on NBC. A very good production. Live. Good to see Alice Cooper is still performing. John Legend is a very credible Jesus.
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Jesus Christ Superstar on NBC. A very good production. Live. Good to see Alice Cooper is still performing. John Legend is a very credible Jesus.

Darn - forgot all about it as I was watching Notre Dame fightin' Irish girls > Mississippi St for the national championship.

Will check for a replay of that even which sounds quite exciting.

BTW, didn't know you and I agreed at least on one subject ~ Alice Cooper: quite a character and quite a entertainer as well.
Life On The Road (2016)

Comedy mockumentary movie.

The film catches up with former office manager David Brent (Ricky Gervais) 12 years after the airing of the BBC mockumentary "The Office" to find he is now a travelling salesman for bathroom supplies firm Lavichem.

However, he hasn't given up on his dream of rock stardom and is about to embark on a self-financed UK tour with his band, Foregone Conclusion. Assembling a group of session musicians who are just in it for the money, Brent cashes in his pensions and takes unpaid leave in a bid to turn his dream into reality...

Grandpa's Great Escape (2017)

Many years ago, Grandpa was a World War II flying ace, but sadly he is now suffering from Alzheimer's disease. When his family can no longer look after him, he is moved to Twilight Towers, an old people's home. It soon becomes clear that Miss Dandy is running Twilight Towers for her own ulterior motives, and it is up to Grandpa and grandson Jack to make a daring escape. Failure could have the direst of consequences, but success will give Grandpa a final chance to relive his past and take to the sky once again in his beloved Spitfire.

Based on the children's book by David Walliams and starring Tom Courtenay as Grandpa, Kit Connor as Jack, Samantha Spiro and David Williams as Jack's parents Patricia and Barry and Jennifer Saunders as Miss Dandy.

am watching old episodes of "Twilight Zone"
A patriotic Daffy Duck in,

The Black Adder (1983)

Witchsmeller Pursuivant

The cruel Witchsmeller Pursuivant is sent to root out the source of an outbreak of witchcraft - and quickly lays the blame on Edmund, Lord Percy and Baldrick. If they can't prove their innocence, they'll be burned at the stake.

S1E5 The Black Adder - The Witchsmeller Pursuivant - Video Dailymotion

Blackadder II (1986)


Queen Elizabeth appoints Edmund Blackadder as the new Lord High Executioner - a job in which no-one survives more than a week.

A woman wants to see her husband one last time, and then the Queen decides to pardon him altogether. The trouble is, Blackadder has already had him executed. So he and Baldrick have to come up with a cunning plan...

Blackadder Season 02 Episode 02 - Head - Video Dailymotion

Blackadder the Third (1987)

Dish and Dishonesty

The newly elected Prime Minister, Pitt the Younger, plans to bankrupt Prince George by striking him from the Civil List.
With Parliament deadlocked, Blackadder devises a plan to have Baldrick elected as an MP in the rotten borough of Dunny-on-the-Wold and thus ensure the bill will be defeated. This episode lampoons British parliamentary politics, BBC election coverage and a corrupt British honours system.

Featuring TV journalist Vincent Hanna who, at the time, was famous for his BBC coverage of UK by-elections.

Blackadder the Third - S3E01 - Dish and Dishonesty [Ro sub] HD - Video Dailymotion
Walking Through History


Tony "Baldrick From Blackadder" Robinson embarks on spectacular walks through some of Britain's most historic landscapes in search of the richest stories from our past

In this episode, Tony heads off for a 45-mile walk across Wiltshire to tell the story of life and death in the last centuries of the Stone Age.

His route over chalk downlands and Salisbury Plain takes him through the greatest concentration of prehistoric sites in Europe.


Walking Through History

The Lakes

It was 30 years after the Romans invaded Britain that they were ready to take on the challenge of conquering the Lake District. With the toughest landscape they had encountered in the country, peopled by a rebellious tribe, it was no small task. Tony Robinson tackles the journey but, as he discovers on this 50-mile walk from Penrith past Ullswater to Ambleside and on to the Irish Sea at Ravenglass, the Romans encountered beauty and danger in equal measure.


Walking Through History

The Tudor Way

Tony Robinson has quite a lengthy walk ahead of him as it takes four days of vigorous hiking to get from Penshurst in the Weald to Lewes on the South Downs. He's visiting places with a connection to Henry VIII. Some are magnificent manor houses, but others are less well-known sites where both the Tudor iron industry and beer brewing industry once flourished.

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Walking Through History

England's Last Battle: The West Country

Actor, historian, author and Labour Party activist Sir Tony Robinson recalls the story of the Duke of Monmouth, Charles II's illegitimate son and his attempted rebellion against King James II in 1685. He starts his trail on Dorset's Jurassic Coast at Lyme Regis and ends on the Somerset Levels, following in the footsteps of the young Monmouth.


Walking Through History

The Brontė Country

Tony explores the magnificent hills, valleys and moors of the Brontė Country in West Yorkshire.

He starts out in the city of Bradford, walking through the South Pennines to Haworth, the home of the Brontė sisters and their brother Branwell. He visits their birthplace in Thornton and recalls tales along the way of their childhoods with the help of Brontė experts.

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Curious Cdn
... and Baldrick was there ...
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... and Baldrick was there ...

Britain's Most Historic Towns

Professor Alice Roberts explores Britain's history through the stories of individual towns and cities, revealing what life was really like at key moments in our turbulent past.

Viking York

In York, Britain's most Viking city, Alice takes part in a Viking battle, meets the metal detectorists behind one of the UK's greatest archaeological finds, and gets her hands on a Viking poo.

Britains Most Historic Towns S01E02 - Video Dailymotion

Norman Winchester

In Winchester, Britain's most Norman city, Alice storms a castle in chain mail, investigates the origins of modern surgery, and tucks in to an eel pie.

Britains Most Historic Towns S01e03 - Video Dailymotion
Watching The Intern, with Robert DeNiro as a 70 year old intern at a dot com company.

The boss sent an email to her Mom that was a mistake so Deniro suggests they break into her house and steal the computer.

And they do and the theft is a huge hilarious success!

So I thought this must be an old movie when people didn't understand computers but no, its 2015, and its a big budget movie.

Blue Planet II
Mount St Mary's > Wagner in college lacrosse
Joanna Lumley's Japan (2016)

Episode 3

The British actress goes on a 2,000 mile journey across the four main islands of Japan, travelling from north to south meeting local people and absorbing the culture.

In this episode she heads to the island of Shikoku hoping to gain a better understanding of Japanese Buddhism. She then takes a bullet train to another island - Kyushu - where she finds the Henn Na Hotel, the world's first robot hotel. At Nagasaki, she visits Shiroyama Elementary School, one of the only buildings to survive the atomic bomb dropped on the city in 1945. Joanna then travels to Sakurajima, one of the country's most active volcanoes, before heading to the islands of Okinawa where one of the bloodiest battles of the Second World War was fought.

Wilderness Walks with Ray Mears


The bushcraft expert's latest stop on his trek across diverse and spectacular British landscapes is Borrowdale in the Lake District. Here, he uses the River Derwent as his guide to the Borrowdale valley, home to ancient forests and some very special wildlife including peregrine falcons. Ray goes with National Park officer Peter Barron to view a site used by the birds, and learns about the theft of eggs from nests, and how locals have intervened to protect them.


Wilderness Walks with Ray Mears

Isle of Skye

The bushcraft expert has explored some of Britain's most diverse and spectacular landscapes, from Dartmoor to the Thames Path, Galloway to Snowdonia, and his journey now concludes with a trip to the Isle of Skye off the west coast of Scotland in search of Britain's rarest bird of prey, the white-tailed eagle. He also visits a seal colony, but it's a golden eagle he spots overhead that inspires him to wax lyrical.


Street musician Marcello Calabrese live in Rome, "Comfortably numb" (Pink Floyd)
He's not very good.
The Real Da Vinci Code

The existence and the identity of the Holy Grail is one of the most enduring mysteries of all time. Dan Brown's 'The Da Vinci Code' claims to be based on much research and fact, revealing the existence of a hitherto secret organisation supposedly set up to protect the Grail in the 11th Century. It identifies Leonardo Da Vinci as one of the few in history who are in on the secret - one that can only be revealed in code.

In this programme, originally shown on Channel 4, Tony Robinson goes on his own personal Grail hunt in this entertaining but thoughtful inquiry. Travelling to the Middle East, France, Spain, Italy, America and Glastonbury, he gradually strips away the layers of myth to arrive at his own extraordinary conclusion.

Grenfell: The First 24 Hours

As the first anniversary of the Grenfell Tower disaster approaches, we hear the survivors' stories. Using eyewitness accounts, the documentary pieces together the timeline of the tragic events which led to the deaths of 72 people.

Contains sights and sounds which some viewers may find distressing.

Keeping Up Appearances (Series 1; 1990)

Daddy's Accident

The first episode of the classic British sitcom about eccentric and snobbish middle class social climber Hyacinth Bucket (who insists, wrongly, that her name is pronounced "bouquet") and her long-suffering husband Richard. Hyacinth's attempts to prove her social superiority are constantly hampered by her slobbish lower class extended family.

Hyacinth is stunned when her less-than-well-off sisters Daisy and Rose inform her that their father has been taken to the hospital. Hyacinth is even more stunned however when she finds out why he was taken there.


The New Vicar

Hyacinth's plans to have the vicar and his wife over for a formal afternoon tea are squashed when her sister Daisy and Onslow come to her house informing her that Daddy had been kidnapped by a gypsy. Then, to make matters worse, Rose arrives, on her way to her own funeral.


Stately Home

After an eventful visit at Daddy's, Hyacinth and Richard visit a stately home where they wait to catch a glimpse of the residing family. But Hyacinth's attempts to attract her ladyship's eye and impress fellow visitors are stifled when Daisy, Onslow and Rose turn up!

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Just watched CBC US election 2016, too funny.


The Lightning Seeds - "Pure" (1990)


Adamski ft Seal - "Killer" (1990)


rat cleanup - surprisingly entertaining
Hamilton v Saskatchewan ~ CFL

at half time, Tim Hicks sang:

Tim Hicks Lyrics
"Stronger Beer"

We eat Smarties, you eat M&M's
And you think all our money looks pretend
Ya, we got Bryan Adams, but, hey, you got Bruce Springsteen
But we can drink in bars when we're just nineteen


You got Brad Pitt, we got Keanu Reeves
But we got the best lake fishing you best believe (hell, yeah!)
Yeah, you make fun of us 'cause we spell "colour" with a "U"
You think you’re all that Mister Red, White and Blue

We say "Eh?", you say "Y'all."
Ya we both got pro football,
'cept we got bigger balls and a longer field, and one less down.
We say "zed", you say "zee"
Sure we watch all your TV
You got stronger army down there, but, man, up here
We got stronger beer

You got Dunkin’ Donuts we got Timmy’s
We got more land, but, bro, you got more cities
You sure love the NFL, MLB and the NBA
but to the great white North hockey is the only game

We say "Eh?", you say "Y'all."
Ya we both got pro football,
'cept we got bigger balls and a longer field, and one less down.
We say "zed", you say "zee"
Sure we watch all your TV
You got stronger army down there, but, man, up here
We got stronger beer

So here's to you, my southern neighbor
All kiddin' aside
It takes me six beers to get pissed drunk,
but for you it takes nine.

We say "Eh?", you say "Y'all."
Ya we both got pro football,
'cept we got bigger balls and a longer field, and one less down.
We say "zed", you say "zee"
Sure we watch all your TV
You got stronger army down there, but, man, up here
We got stronger beer
Yeah, we got got stronger beer!
Whoa, we got stronger beer!
Yeah, we do, baby

and he added the words = "we got universal health care"

Russia with Simon Reeve

One hundred years after the Russian Revolution, Simon Reeve embarks on an extraordinary three-part journey across the world's largest country.

Episode 1

Setting out amongst the active, snow-capped volcanoes of Kamchatka, over 4,000 miles from Moscow, Simon explores one of the remotest regions of the country. The population of Russia's far east has fallen dramatically in recent years but, travelling by chopper and skidoo, Simon finds indigenous reindeer herders who are still eking out a fragile existence in this spectacular but inhospitable wilderness.

Despite an exodus of Russians moving west, the government is trying to maintain a grip on its eastern territories. In the port city of Vladivostok, Simon visits a newly built mega casino, designed to attract high rollers and tourists from neighbouring China. Russia's far east is full of natural resources, including huge amounts of timber from the vast Boreal Forest. Deep in the forest, Simon meets the inspirational conservationist who has created a sanctuary for the country's most iconic predator, the giant Amur tiger. Their habitat is threatened by illegal logging. It is a sensitive story involving political corruption, and throughout his stay Simon is followed and harassed by the authorities, finally being forced to leave the area. It is a powerful reminder of Russia's authoritarian and corrupt system.

Simon heads north, travelling on treacherous ice roads to Yakutsk, a city south of the Arctic Circle that is built entirely on permafrost. This vast layer of frozen earth is melting and Simon ends his journey on the rim of a giant crater that has emerged in the Siberian landscape.


Episode 2

The second leg of Simon Reeve's tour of modern-day Russia begins in Siberia and takes him to Russia's far south west and the majestic Caucasus Mountains.

From Lake Baikal, the oldest and deepest lake on Earth, Simon takes the Trans-Siberian Railway to the city of Krasnoyarsk, the scene of brutal violence in the 1990s, and now the location of a cafe paying homage to Vladimir Putin.

Simon is introduced to a Siberian community that worships a former traffic cop they believe to be the reincarnation of Christ. Along with a rare interview with the messiah himself, Simon meets some of the daughters of his followers being educated to become future brides of worthy men.

After encounters with Tuvan throat singers and Cossack street patrols, Simon visits Dagestan, a largely Muslim region that has been scarred by jihadist violence. He meets security forces who use highly trained dogs to tackle the terrorist threat, and villagers attempting to keep their ancient tightrope-walking traditions alive.

Shaun Ryder on UFOs

Episode 1: Caught On Tape

Shaun Ryder, the frontman of Manchester rockers Happy Mondays, saw his first UFO aged 15 whilst walking to a bus stop in Salford at 6:45am one morning in 1978.

Just a few months later, also whilst waiting at a bus stop in Salford one evening, he saw hundreds of mystery lights overhead and thought Earth was being invaded.

Since then, Ryder has been obsessed with UFOs.

In this series, the singer investigates reports of people who claim to have had close encounters with aliens, beginning with a 2012 incident in Chile in which seven people saw a UFO.


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