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What Americans MUST Know About the Incoming Senate Intelligence Chairman

By J.B. Williams
Sunday, January 7, 2007
As Democratic Party Chairman Dean points out in his latest communiqué to his kool-aid addicts, "Elections have consequences. Remember that saying? It was a favorite of George Bush and the pundits after his narrow [4 million vote] victory in 2004. In 2006 Americans sent a crystal clear message. As the war in Iraq continued and ordinary people struggled to make ends meet, scores of Republicans at every level of government were removed from office by the voters, every single Democrat running for reelection as a Senator, Governor, or Representative was reelected -- every single one. It didn't happen by accident."
Now as Democrats seize full control of the US legislative branch, they begin to seat their own at the helm of every national committee. The incoming chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee responsible for overseeing our nation's most guarded national security operations is not new to the position. He has held this position before and he has an impressive resume.
On November 14, 2005, former and soon-to-be again Senate Intelligence Chairman Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) proudly proclaimed on Fox News Sunday , "I took a trip by myself in January of 2002 to Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria, and I told each of the heads of state that it was my view that George Bush had already made up his mind to go to war against Iraq – that that was a predetermined set course which had taken shape shortly after 9/11."
As writer Joan Swirsky chronicles in her well-researched December '05'expose Rockefeller's Treachery , "Please read that paragraph once again, digest it (if your stomach can handle it), and consider its immense--if not treasonous--implications. By himself and fully armed with America's most sensitive intelligence, Sen. Rockefeller decided to go to three Arab countries--including Syria which is on the State Department's list of terrorist regimes and a close ally of Saddam Hussein--and literally alert them to what ("in my view") might befall a neighboring Arab state. This was Sen. Rockefeller's judgment only four months after September 11th and a full year before President Bush had expressed any intention to go to war!"
It's no secret that the Hussein regime had and used WMD in the past or that they continued to work towards WMD programs under 17 broken UN resolutions and the protection of several European nations not coincidentally profiting from the Iraq Oil for Food scam throughout the 90s.
It's also no secret that by the time coalition forces reached Baghdad more than a year later, the case Colin Powell had made before the UN concerning Iraq WMD had vanished into the Syrian desert, as if the Hussein regime had received prior notice of impending invasion and moved the WMD materials - a fact also well documented by Intelligence reports monitoring Russian / Iraqi convoys headed toward Syria in the weeks before the Hussein regime would be deposed.
This is not the first time Senator Rockefeller had used his position on the Senate Intelligence Committee with ill effect for America, nor would it be the last.
Somewhere near the epicenter of numerous national security leaks (aka DNC campaign tools) concerning Abu Ghraib prison, Gitmo, CIA terror interrogation tactics and the now public NSA terror surveillance programs, was either Senator Rockefeller himself, a member of his staff or a close DNC comrade.
Yet this man is about to once again head the Senate committee charged with oversight of our entire national intelligence community and his comrades now control the purse strings for among other things, national security. How is this possible?
Well, the same way it's possible that American voters elected Democrats to improve employment while Republicans had the lowest unemployment rate in recent history. The same way American voters elected Democrats to improve the economy as the stock market and private home ownership set all-time highs and interest rates were at a 30-year low. The same way American voters elected Democrats who pilfered the Social Security system for pet special interest voter groups, for the purpose of saving Social Security. Last but not least, the same way American voters elected Democrats largely responsible for international terrorism, with the notion that anti-war liberals could actually win the international war on terror that Democrats want no part of and are committed to retreating from at the earliest possible date. That's how!
Why did American voters commit this national suicide? Because the press told them to, day in and day out, 24/7, headline after headline, for six years solid. Even as numerous international terrorists and heads of notably anti-American terror states openly campaigned for Democrats in the ‘06' election and cheered their victory as votes were being tabulated, few American voters stopped to ask why our most devoted enemies would prefer Democrats in congress--and a few weeks later, as Chairman Dean points out, the consequences of that election are beginning to take shape.
Democrats' first "bi-partisan" act in the 110th Congress was to announce their new legislative rules which eliminate committee review and debate of proposed legislation so that Republicans will have no say in legislative matters beyond the up-or-down floor vote that Democrats had spent the last twelve years blocking in committee.
Their second "bi-partisan" act was to write President Bush a letter from each congressional body "demanding" that Bush not implement the pending troop surge in Iraq, which has been all but unanimously directed by military and foreign policy experts from all sides of the political spectrum.
They made this demand on what basis? Did I miss that Speaker Pelosi or Majority Leader Reid appointed themselves Commander-in-Chief in the early off hours?
They make this demand on behalf of the American people, who according to Democrats, "spoke loud and clear" in the '06' election, calling for retreat and defeat in Iraq. The same American people who just put Senator (Treason) Rockefeller back in charge of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. What do American voters have in mind next - putting Sandy (burglar) Berger in charge of the National Security Archives?
Fear not, "the most powerful woman in the world" Nancy Pelosi has a plan. Her plan is to abolish our system of self-governance and appoint herself Queen, for the greater common good of course. Don't be so self-centered... Shut up and march stupid!
The American press has been completely complicit in what can only be deemed a systematic culture of political treason from Americas' so-called progressive elite. The news media is the most powerful institution in America today and it is controlled by anti-American leftists.
He who controls the flow of information, controls public sentiment and in a nation governed by democratic elections, the people will set public policy on the basis of that public sentiment, whether accurate or not. The ‘06' elections in the U.S. are but one example. The Palestinian people democratically electing terror organization Hamas into leadership is another.
Democracies have always fallen from within throughout history. That's because our collective decisions are no better than the information we use to make those decisions. Elections indeed have consequences. In this case, likely dire consequences...
JB Williams is a business man, a husband, a father, and a writer. A no nonsense commentator on American politics, American history, and American philosophy. He is published nationwide and in many countries around the world.
Whooptie Doooo

In a dark room, a white dog and a black dog are indistinguishable....

Democrat Republican Liberal Conservative.... beans....are beans....

The west is not ruled by principle, not managed for the well-being of the average American or Canadian, our governments are run by the rules of commerce and trade and this fantasy that one dog will bark the truth while another dog won't is the great game of business in the final analysis....

A Chrysler a Ford a Chevrolet a Toyota a Nissan...... dogs have been barking for decades telling us "Oh this car is far superior to that car"..... when all the hoopla and nonesense is stripped away they're pretty much the same.....

An Electrohome, An RCA, a Sony....."Oh yes, the value....the quality....the reliability....of this make is far better than ...that....TV.....and when the shyte is stripped away there's really very little difference at the end of the day....

These blue jeans, those sweatshirts....this cornucopia of choice that we've been conditioned to believe is synonymous with "freedom" is the hawkers and the con-mans sing-song attempt to convince you that there's really HONESTLY TRULY ....some kind of difference...


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