Getting a Job

hello everyone, I have heard soooo many good things about canada and i do believe if one puts enough effort into it, it is a land of opportunity. However the horror stories i have heard about employers there not recognising, or not wanting to recognise foreign qualifacations and experience really sets people back. Please does anyone out there have any experience in getting a job or know anyone who has successfully found employment in the unregulated jobs.
It is indeed very difficult to find a good job in Canada. There is an unspoken discrimination towards immigrants. And the best way is to just go to college and then try to get into the workforce. If you do have an education, you should just try and try. Do volunteering work at the place, where you would like to work. However, it's all luck in general. Sometimes you get a job very quickly, and sometimes you just can't. It's like a fate, like if you supposed to live in this country or not. If you do not succeed in several months, just move on and go to another country. seriously, there is nothing really that much to lose in Canada...