X-ray vision.

Radiographic artist Nick Veasey is based in Maidstone, Kent.

These images may appear a little too close to the bone, but they are stunning pictures of the human body taken by radiographic artist Nick Veasey.
© All pictures by Nick Veasey. Go to www.nickveasey.com to see more of his work.


You might think this bus company is running a skeleton service.

Gimme five: This image shows two people shaking hands.

If this man was hoping to conceal a weapon, he had no chance posing for this picture.

Give them a big hand: A recreation of an audience at a pop concert.

A dog playfully leaps off the ground to grab a figure of eight rope.

This roller blader must be confident of not breaking any bones.

A golfer gives it his best shot.

Most of us like to read a newspaper inside out.

Interesting art... imitating reality. It wont be too long into the future before humans are scanned eg at airports much as the luggage is- similar to the Schaarzehneger movie..i forget its name. I guess you may get the added benefit of medical consultations on unexpected incidental findings at the same time.

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