a fresh graduate- considering canada

Hello, I am Jon, a Malaysian.

I am currently studying in Tasmania,Australia. I am about to complete my degree by the end of this year.

Although i will be looking for jobs in Australia, I am considering of looking for employment in Canada.

Would Canadian employers consider employing fresh graduates or mostly experienced graduates from other Countries if given the scenario of such.

I am majoring in Marketing and International Business. are there a lot of jobs for fresh graduates to start with?

My degree is a Bachelor of Commerce Degree which I can work in other fields of business such as management and Logistics. Is it possible to branch out into the various fields of Management in Canada in the Business sector as it is with Australia?

Alberta is always looking for people with your skills, the oil industry is exploding out there. You could try contacting some of the larger oil companies that operate there, I don't know the names.
Come to B.C, International business would be perfect for you here.

Besides it is warmer here then in Alberta.

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