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Hello all,

I've been browsing the internet for information on moving to Canada. Am currently sitting in sunny New Zealand contemplating (and looking forward to) a cold cold winter in Toronto at the end of the year.

I'm planning to move to Toronto mid-year using the Working Holidays Visa. I've already trawled through pages and pages of tax information, working visa regulations and apartment rentals sites. What I can't seem to find info on is health insurance. I know that I purchased compulsory health insurance for 4months when I worked in the U.S. but am unsure how things work in Canada? If I have a working visa, will I be able to use the health system like other Canadians? or will I need to fork out for my own private health care insurance?

Would appreciate it if anyone can let me know.

sorry to tell u. u need to buy your own insurance they have companies i beleive blue cross is one that u could look into...good luck
In order to qualify for medicare, you have to be a resident in the province for a certain period, I believe it is 3 or 6 months. You will need coverage until then, and you will also need to prove to the province when you established a residence here.
It is 6 months; for details on Ontario's plan, go here:
Thanks guys, appreciate the info.
Yeah, i would definitely ask my employer for details regard insurance.

Here some sites i've bookmarked for this. I did the research for a non web savvy friend of mine who was making the move up to Canada.

hope they helped

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