View Poll Results: Should relief efforts be under UN Supervision?
YES, let the UN Supervise. 5 100.00%
NO, let the US Supervise 0 0%
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Martin Le Acadien
Now with no resources to count on, most evacuees find out that the $2,000.00 promised by the Federal Govt to help them out is to be withdrawn!

Some of my neighbours have no jobs, expenses are mounting and food must be bought.

Long lines at the local food stamp office, $110.00 per family member is the usual.

On the bright side, Brown is out, what is going to happen?

The Board's resident Louisianais Acadien.

Reverend Blair
No surprise that the money disappeared. There is no political advantage for Bush in giving these people money...poor black tend to vote Democrat if they vote at all.

Yes, the UN should be overseeing aid efforts. That has traditionally been one of their roles and they have a lot of experience at managing multilateral aid efforts. The Bush government, on the other hand, has shown themselves to be completely incompetent, likely to the point of criminal negligence.
Martin Le Acadien
Now, they just announced that they want to direct Deposit the money into you account, one problem, most folks in the city don't have an account and they are scattered to the 4 winds!

Mexican Navy arrived in Biloxi, Mississippi this after noon, Tecate for ALL.

Meanwhile, Bush is coming back tommorrow to shutdown relief efforts while his security detail runs around. We can not put a chopper in the air while he is around!

Lynn Lofton of Mississippi said it best when VIPS just hamper things by sightseeing. Cheney got a more direct answer to his query?

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