i got this done last week:

anyone else got a tattoo to share?
Celtic cross? Very nice. Good mix of christianity and Pagen. But don't tell the born agains.........

I have a couple. 2 bunnies in a thicket on my ankle (inside) and a harlequin mask blowing heart bubbles on my hip and a Koala bear on my back to remind me of my daughter. One day I'm hoping to have her name under it. I don't know why it's taken me 12 yrs to "think about it"!
that is a really nice tatoo fubbleskag.
pea, it looks like the celtic cross you had put on the back of your head last year, member?
sometimes you need a smack upside the head
Rick van Opbergen
Is little Vicky safe with Peapod?
Well my monkey looks happy, yours look like its about to lose its head What are you threatening victorious with???? conversation maybe??? :P

Is little Vicky safe with Peapod? Laughing Laughing Laughing

yeah ricky, before she decided to join these 'boards' she was one heavy duty it as you may. believe me, she has more than a tattie on the backside of her head....just think lower, much lower.....good thing she hasn't gained any weight! anyhoo, after she gave up her biking ways, she settled into the quiet life. you know, gardening, church visits, etc., and of course she had to allow her hair to grow in and cover up the tattie.
well ehm...let see I saw you on saturday...I think?? can't remember....oh yes I did...well this morning when I got up, I looked in the mirror and grabbed the wack wack...and cut a bunch of hair off....just zipped along like I was pruning some usual everyone says...oh where did you get your hair cut. :P

PS I saved some locks for can put them in the next spell you cast

well this morning when I got up, I looked in the mirror and grabbed the wack wack

you know pea, this is kinda scary, but we could use those flaming red locks and remake into some do-rey-meee. big dollars. how about taking the 'locks' and tying a few with a fine ribbon and setting them into some homemade blocks of soap with a message. reading something like:

"when you find this, make three wishes, and they will all come true once you light these fine hairs on fire".

they will burn like mad, and we can cash in on the novelty item of it....actually we could sell it at the market downtown as a new 'novelty item'. whoo hoo, just figured out our summer project.

must save some for the earth dance review. clean up afterwards. you know what that's like. especially the charcoal.
my hair is not red!!!!! its auburn, the colour of expensive mohognay wood panelling.....a rare commodity Your idea might work
Rick van Opbergen
Quote: Originally Posted by peapod

Well my monkey looks happy, yours look like its about to lose its head What are you threatening victorious with???? conversation maybe??? :P

Hey! (...) The monkey likes to hear me talkin', eh! That ... and I occasionally lock up in the same room with my sister during that particular time in the month ... *yelling at Victorius* Shut up, or I'll put you in my sister's room again!

Oh yeah ...

I am evil ... hehe ... hehehe .... HEHEHEHEHE!

from a perspective soap buyer I can tell you that it's bad enough finding hair on my soap when I know who it belongs too.

To find stranger hair IN my soap might...just might....send a even slightly unbalanced individual right over the edge...
not to mention if say you met with a unfortuneate accident....and csi was called in...I would be sent to prison for a crime I did not commit Thanks galaniomama...your ideas always get me into trouble
yeah but guys you are missing the most important part - the hair had a note attached to it....with a secret message. that makes it all okay. the hair in the soap with a note. something like that....maybe?
oh a note. That WOULD be different.

Course CSI wouldn't believe that. Grissom would get more grey hairs over this. Might even drain the juice from his special flashlight. Or do you think he'd send Katherine in?
haven't watched csi, but i can imagine it is filled with some raised eyebrows, heavy sighs, etc!!! i thought the message in the middle of the soap would have some proverb, made up or otherwise chinese saying, you know along that line. something very DEEP!! ha ha
ya something like this..maybe
"Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes"

Hey twila, so you are a soap lover to its yummy delicious :P
wow, look at all these pictures of tattoos and on-topic discussion! thanks!
Reverend Blair
So how much do tattoos cost, anyway? Nothing too big or intricate, I mean.
if you provide your own artwork it's generally based on how long it will take the artist to do the work. that piece took 90 minutes and cost $225. the rate will vary from parlour to parlour i imagine.

Hey twila, so you are a soap lover to Cool its yummy delicious

my favourite is mysoarsandlewood soap. It's about $0.88 in the Indian store.

I'm also partial to the chinese version.

I prefer soaps that are not fruit flavoured. Cause I KNOW they don't taste as good as they smell. And there's nothing more unattractive then farting bubbles!
I'm lost!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by EmmaDibbs

I'm lost!!!

so's this thread. :(
I have no pictures of my tattoos.

Reverend Blair
I have no tattoos. I have questions much does it hurt? How much do they bleed?
I have one on my back- didn't hurt...didn't bleed. I think it depends where you have it done.
I have 3 (well actually 4. One runs into another)

2 on my ankle. 1 on my hip. and 1 on my shoulder blade.

the one on my ankle hurt the most. The one on my shoulder blade I thought was going to drive me insane! The vibration from the gun ran right upto the top of my head.

The one on my hip kept making my butt muscles flinch. it was the weirdest feeling.

None of them hurt alot. More like a burning type sensation.

You know the sound mosquito's make inside a tent at night when your trying to sleep? A tattoo feels like that sound. Annoying.
annoying is a very apt description. if you've ever given blood or had a needle, you'll have no problems getting a tattoo. bleeding is very minimal unless you are prone to bleeding, but even then it's not much at all.
I have a tattoo on the left shoulder area in the front and it's the Kanji for Tiger

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