Who Is Into Photoshop?

Paranoid Dot Calm
I'm a newbie photoshop user. Nothing too complicated.

I'd like to know other Photoshop users and then maybe we could trade ideas and plugs and stuff like that?

I use photoshop I don't use any plugins, though.
Paranoid Dot Calm
Hey! Andem

What version do you presently use?

Are plugs a negative to you? Or do you use Photoshop more as a photo-editing program? And, thus no real need or desire to experiment with filters and stuff like that?

What about "Styles" and "Actions" and "Brushes" .... do you collect those?

I mostly use PS for editing photos. I like using Image Ready and like to play with animations. It takes a few minutes for mine to start up because of having so many plugs installed and stuff like that. But, when I open my PS, I want everything there and ready with just a click. But, it takes about 2 or 3 minutes to get up on my desk top.

If I just want to view a picture, I use a more simpler program.

I currently use Photoshop 8.0 (commonly known as Photoshop CS). It's a nice version, main thing I like about it is improved pen tool and sharper text.

I use photoshop mainly for web design, and I've been known to use Fireworks very infrequently and in the past, Macromedia Flash.

Plugins are a negative to me because they give no control. I can do everything I want with regular tools. I create effects on my own

I usually preview photos in Windows XP "Preview". It's fast and convenient.

You can find tutorials for doing random things on the Internet, just check Google.
Paranoid Dot Calm
Hi! Andem

I view Photoshop as I would a toy. I guess it is because I'm not trying really to succeed at it. I'm not doing web graphics to any great extent, or crucial stuff like that and I'm retired and thus nothing is work related.

On some boring Sundays, I like to amuse mysef with just taking a photo and playing with it. Trying out different stuff and filters and most often surprising myself.

The only time I ever used the Pen Tool was when I needed to draw a fishing line from a pole to the waters edge. (Maybe that was the line tool?)

When I made my guy wink, I used Kai's SuperGoo. Then I imported it into ImageReady and finalized it there.

I never made that graphic of the witch for PeaPod, I just assigned the nic to a prefab. I'm no genius.

I too have version 8 or CS as you mention. I've played around in Flash but mostly my use of Flash is when I want to save an animation as Flash or conversion.
When first setting up my site, I used fireworks to build hotspots or whatever.

Reverend Blair
I have 7.0. I use it about the same way I used to use an enlarger...adjust the colour and the density, maybe some dodging and burning, and that's it. Sometimes I get really adventurous and adjust the contrast...something you couldn't really do with colour film.

I have a friend who does some really amazing stuff with PhotoShop though...I think he's using CS now. He generally starts with a photograph, but you'd never guess that by the time he gets done.
Paranoid Dot Calm
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