Several mail order places online, we are the new guy check us out at <REMOVED BY ADMINISTRATION>

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I don't think Canadians need any more drugs, seriously. You guyz need to ban it.

You guys running around with gay marriages and stoners, or stoner gay people!?!?! You guys are mixed up.

And now mail ordering online! This just gets better and better! Gotta grab me some popcorn!
We will leave all the drugs to those who are in need. USA
Seriously though, who tries to sell drugs on a community forum? This is truly amazing in this day in age. :P
That buds4u I have deleted sooooo many of his posts. I'm gunna go charge in thru his door and bust his a$$!!

Kyle actually I think I want to kick yours more!

*drools on andem*
How about we just kiss and make up baby? I will make it worth while!

So whats your number?
I lost it.

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