Updates to CanadianISP.com

Bob Carrick
ISPs can now add 250 character 'Blurb' that will appear in their detailed listing, just below their company name and highlighted in yellow. This can be a coupon, special pricing or promotional info (up to 250 characters). A freeform text entry for promotions / more information was one of our top-requested features and now you have it. Enjoy!

Also over the next 48 hours the glossary will be uploaded and links form all pages will be added to go to the glossary. Many people asked for a glossary to explain some acronyms and other terms listed on the site. That will be their soon.

Many other features have been added but these two have been asked for every few days since the site was created so we thought we'd let you know. http://www.canadianisp.com
excellent... might make finding an isp a bit quicker and also know about promotions
Bob Carrick
There is also now a very small FAQ, still need to build on that, as well as a glossary for the website.

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