Red Deer bans e-cigs in public places

Asthema Inhalers are next.

The Allison Redford, nanny-land of Alberta strikes again. Red Deer bans e-cigs in public places.

They're calling it smoking and I imagine this will be challenged at some point, as it isn't smoking. The basis for banning smoking from public places was always sold as a safety move, second-hand smoke is a danger. Vaping doesn't hold that danger. No one even knows if it's dangerous for the primary user.

So, Red Deer is banning something they know nothing about except that it's a nicotine delivery system, that hurts no one. Banning it on the basis that when I exhale, it looks like smoke...for about two seconds.

I still haven't smoked since I started vaping in February, and I'm down to an 8mg nicotine blend from 24mg when I started.

Asthema Inhalers are next. - Small Dead Animals
lone wolf
Free Thinker
The problem I see with vapes is in the action. To someone who's quitting cold turkey, that's trigger enough to want a smoke. Remember: There are none so rabid as a born-again non-smoker

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