Free CASL Webinar, June 4th at 2pm, Canada Anti Spam Law, Q&A with Shaun Brown

Got any questions about CASL, Canadian Anti - Spam Legislation? Then please register for a free CASL webinar on June 4th at 2pm hosted by Shaun Brown of nNovation Law Firm in Ottawa. Shaun is one of the authors of CASL, and he was working on this new anti spam law as early as 2006 while still employed at Industry Canada.

Starting on Canada Day, 1st July 2014, the CRTC has the job of enforcing the anti spam legislation. The fines could severe, as much as a dollar per spam email per issuance and up to and including a maximum fine of ten million dollars. Shaun believes the first cases brought before the courts will be easy wins for the government and carry large fines to set good precedents and become an effective deterrence.

In three years time, 2017 this law lets individuals sue spammers personally ! which is very interesting. Are you running a business that uses an email newsletter? Are you CASL compliant?
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Watch recording made of live webinar June 4th CASLQnA with Shaun Brown, an Ottawa based privacy lawyer. The video is an hour long and Shaun answers over a dozen questions that relate to the new law (which comes into effect July 1st) and how outline possible penalties and how it could be enforced and why it matters to Canadians that send and receive commercial electronic messages for any reason - except politicians and religious organizations.

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