The truth Hurts.

I didn't even recieve a god damned letter from rogers, or a piece of paper, or a damned e-mail informing me of this stupidity. It was all of a sudden, my downloads and my uploads just dropped drastically in speed. Personally I'd love to slap the fool who came up with the idea of having people pay 54 dollars for a 21kb upload. Why didn't they just slap my mother?

Despite all this, I'm starting my search for an ISP which can do better than this. Anyone wanna point me in a direction which can give me a connection speed which matched Rogers former glory, or just a tad bit higher?

Here I thought I was having connection troubles, worrying myself over this fetid piece of horse feces like -I- was the problem. Rogers is going to lose one customer when I get to the bottom of this.
Battenosuke Yuukaida, you might want to look at This site is pretty comprehensive when it comes to DSL services in Toronto. You can now get a 3.0mbps/640kbps (down/up) for around the same price as rogers. Some have caps, some dont, some are planning to put them in. But everyone beats Rogers and Sympatico's new 5gb caps.
I Think Rogers will be losing more than one customer. I work for Rogers Communications and the amount of people that I have complaining about Rogers Hi-Speed is pathetic. Every other person with a cable problem also just _HAS_ to add that the cable internet is shit too.

Thats life! Rogers will suffer in the end.

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