You can now rate your Canadian ISP!

Bob Carrick
As per the title. We've gotten the ability to rate your service provider build, and up and running starting now. Visit and rate your ISP.

You get to rate your ISP in five categories Internet Access, Email, Newsgroup, Tech Support, and Over All.

The output format is still being worked on so you will start actually seeing the reviews sometimes Friday and after that reviews will be submitted and posted in real time. You can only rate an ISP that has submitted itself to our website, if you do not see your provider, bug them and tell them all about the website.
I'll check it out
Funny, I don't see the ones causing all this fuss listed? are they afraid to be listed or do they think they are just too big/
Bob Carrick
Well the site is only 17 days old, so who knows. But I think they feel they are just to big to be listed.
Shaw) should be listing itself shortly. Such a pain taking all the proper paths, then it gets to one person whos like "wtf this isnt my job" and it starts all over again.

I dont know if Rogers and Sympatico know of the site, although I would suspect they would with all the coverage. They might be a little too scared to post their caps on there
I doubt Rogers, Shaw) or Sympatico will list themselves there. Mainly because there will be so much negative feedback and when you compare the mainstream providers with the independents, it just makes Shaw, Rogers and Sympatico look even worse!

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